What Should a Modern Fashionista Take To A Festival?

It is important to remGirls making the most of unusual hot sunny day at Leeds Festivalember each festival is different.  Depending on location, music and reputation, each festival has its own personality that you will try to embrace, try to pack lightly enough to be able to carry everything half a mile across a field, if necessary.

Having said this, the fundamental items are the same for nearly every festival. If you are going to a festival in the UK, you can pretty well guarantee you’re going to need wellies.  We’ve compiled a list of things to take, so whether you’re a festival newbie, or an experienced camper, check out our list:

Wellies:  You’ll probably wear them a lot. Make sure they don’t rub, wear them lots before attending to avoid poorly feet.

Sandals: Upon assessing the weather, on a nice day, a pair of comfortable sandals will be your best friend.

Plimsoles: comfortable, lightweight and great for dancing !

Socks: Bring a pair for every day. Long and short. Try bringing socks longer than your wellies. Not only does this make a traditional festival fashion statement, it will save your calves from being cut in half (or from your fake tan rubbing of in a perfect spherical line around your leg!)

Rucksack: depending on how far away your tent is from the main arena, you’re going to want to take your gear along with you. Make sure your rucksack is waterproof, and secure from any light fingered opportunists whilst it’s on your back.

BumBag: Perfect for keeping  your  essentials in ie. Phone, purse.  It’s constantly on your person, not easily accessible to others, and you can dance the night away without having a bag on your shoulders (I also double mine up and use the strap of the bumbag as a belt)

Waterproof Jacket: bring a lightweight jacket which can be chucked into a rucksack. Weather is unpredictable. Don’t be caught out.

Poncho: You can buy small emergency ponchos for approx. £1. Some festivals bump the price of these up to near £10. If you want to keep dry, be savvy and keep one in your bag.

Warm Coat/Jumper: I can guarantee , even if you’ve had a gorgeous sunny day, it will be much, MUCH cooler as the sun goes down. I’ve found myself heading miserably back to the tent early because I’ve not planned ahead. Keep warm.

Hats: Federer hats/baseball hats/bowler hats – whatever your unique taste in fashion remember to bring one along. Let’s not forget a hats main purpose – to protect us from the sun.

T-Shirts/Shorts/trousers: this is where you can express yourself properly. There are no rules, wear what you like. Depending where you are, the crazier and unique the better!

Accessories: It is pretty much festival etiquette to cover ones-self in glitter, head jewellery and funky temporary tattoos



Battery powered Phone Charger

Wet types

Anti-bacterial wipes


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