Website Launch! And we’re looking to sell your products!

The idea behind the website is to be an online marketplace where we will sell your festival based products on your behalf and also work to promote your brand. We do all the leg work; we will create a page dedicated to your business and upload your items onto our website for you.
When one of your products sells on our website we will forward you a copy of the invoice along with the customer’s details so you can fulfil the order. Every Monday we will send you an invoice with a breakdown of the previous week’s sales, along with a disbursement of payment to your bank account. There are no charges to you for your items appearing on the site, instead we would take a small fee each time one of your products sells. As we are a VAT registered company, we do need to take this into account when it comes to these fees. If you are a VAT registered company, our fees are 10% per sale. Unfortunately, if you are not VAT registered, we need to charge 25% to cover the VAT so please bear this in mind when deciding a price for each product. As we hope to promote your own business through ours, sticking as close to your original pricing as possible will help future customer relationships.
As well as selling your items for you we will be working very hard in other ways to promote your brand. There will be a page on the website dedicated to your brand so customers can get to know it better, we are going to be regularly updating the website with blogs and aim to include items being sold through us in future blogs, and will also promote your products through posts on our site’s social media pages. We charge £3.95 standard postage which will be included in the total sale price.
We are currently in the process of inviting and adding sellers to the website.  If you are interested in selling with us, we can send you over a form to complete, and once returned, we can do the rest. Or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.