Festival Bum Bags are officially back and are here to stay!


What can we say – we love a bum bag.

Not only does it work as a great spruce up to pretty much any outfit, it proves itself as one of the most convenient festival fashion accessories around.

We all need to carry our essentials. Money, phones and wet wipes at the ready. Whilst having a backpack or handbag does the job, it can quickly become an inconvenience as the crowds get thicker, and you get more unaware of your surroundings thanks to your best friend Jack Daniels. We’ve all placed a bag down and forgot about it. It’s a sad life lesson we’ve all unfortunately had to participate in. Or, after an hour realised your phone is missing from your bag and end up re-tracing your steps praying for a miracle. Don’t let pick-pocketers seize an opportunity. Bum bags are conveniently placed on the hip, keeping all your essentials close by, and you can forget about it whilst jumping around to your favourite band. Most bum bags have a convenient zip keeping everything exactly where it should be – on your person.

Festival Bum Bags give way to sequins, tassels, fringing and glitter – taking this trend to a whole new level.

Honestly, i would never attend a festival without one and cannot stress the love I have for this 80’s classic gem.

We are continuously looking for new and exciting bumbags to add to giving you a great selection from a range of independent UK sellers.

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Or view our favourite fanny packs below


Midnight sky: £25.00

This black sparkly bum bag will match most outfits and add a little glitz and glam


Mermaid Bum Bag: £35.00

We love the green shimmer this bag gives in the sunlight


One off bum bags by Get Crooked:35

Handmade fluorescent leather bumbag with zip main pouch, front snap pocket, adjustable waist strap and fringe tassel trim. Each is unique so colours may vary from those pictured