Street Style : Love Saves The Day

What had been forecasted as a weekend of rain, thunder and wellies turned out to be a glamorous weekend of sunshine, sunglasses and sequins. This weekend marked the unofficial start to the UK summer with the first festivals of the season, so the Festival Fashion crew got out their glitter and headed over to Love Saves The Day festival. With Boho babes and sparkly unicorns LSTD is as much about the fashion as the music, below are some of our favourite looks from the festival.


I spotted these two beauties after being in the Festival only 15 minuets, we love their look. Not only do we love the outfits, but they have accessorised appropriately.  Nice one Girls.


Don’t these ladies look fab?! Not only do their outfits look great, their outfits are fantastically coordinated. Also, who doesn’t love glitter roots?!


Well well well… this look is creative, sassy and fabulous. Nothing screams festival fashion more then this, after all, it’s all about having fun.


These space men were seen running around the festival fighting other spacemen so I couldn’t resist putting them in our blog.

You can never be wearing too many sequins and this mega babe is proving this. Keep sparkling superstar.


I am a big fan of @thefabulusofunicorns, so I was very happy to see them at Love Saves the Day. These sparky super stars always look so incredible! Make sure you keep an eye out for them during Festival Season.

We were lucky enough to do a Photoshoot at loves saves the day Festival! The weather and atmosphere was the perfect recipe. So we would love to share a few photos from the shoot with you.


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