Mythological Blue Antelope Horns


Unfortunately (as my of my pieces are made with found and donated fabrics) I can’t replicate this piece exactly – but I can make you an equally fabulous in-the-style-of piece that will be unique to you!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Beautiful blue floral crown with antelope style horns, surprisingly light, beautifully shaped and fabulously decadent. With amazingly realistic false flowers, this piece would work well in a fairy or woodland costume.

Our handmade horns are made using reworked, recycled plastic bags, making them ultra bouncy and light to wear. Instead of using casting moulds and hard resin, our horns are have a softer, more wearable feel. This method makes our pieces easily adjustable and super hard-wearing. Totally party-proof!

The bases are again tough but easily manipulated to fit any head. We use different bases dependent on weight and height of the horns, all are easily styled around.

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