Last Days of Disco


Flirty and fun earrings full of sparkle ready to dance all night. 

Brass hoops measure approx. 20mm in diameter with largest holographic sequin measuring approx. 2cm diameter.

Throw back to the days of disco-luxe, these earrings are a combination of different coloured and sized sequins finished with a small, glass peacock titanium bead. 

Please keep these away from water!


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UK:  1-­‐3  business  days  ;  Europe:  3-­‐5  business  days  ;  USA:  5-­‐10  business  days


Items  returned  within  14  days  after  purchase  will  be  fully  refunded  (minus  shipping)  if  not   suitable  and  provided  they  are  still  in  their  original  condition.

Terms & conditions

Buyers  are  responsible  for  any  customs  and  import  taxes  that  may  apply.  We  are  not   responsible  for  delays  due  to  customs.     As  we  use  a  lot  of  brass  components,  please  note  that  these  tend  to  darken/oxidise  with  wear  –   this  is  a  natural  and  inevitable  process.     Please  avoid  getting  your  jewellery  pieces  wet  or  showering  with  them  on,  also  avoid  spraying   fragrance  or  perfumes  directly  onto  them  as  this  may  lead  to  increase  discolouration  or   damage.   Treat  them  kindly  as  there  may  be  fragile  or  delicate  components  (crystals,  pearls…).


Petite  Lune  Studio  was  created  in  2016  by  Kat  and  Juliette,  two  largely  self-­‐taught  creatives.
Petite  Lune  was  born  from  the  realisation  that  they  both  shared  a  taste  for  everything  glitter   covered,  mystical,  witchy,  nature-­‐inspired  and  downright  pretty!       Our  pieces  are  handmade  using  a  range  of  internationally  sourced  materials;  our  metals  are  mainly   brass  or  gold-­‐plated  brass  and  nickel  free.

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