Kleptomaniac Gloves


These are the perfect gloves for being a unicorn bandit, stroking friends, dealing with awkwardly sweaty palms, avoiding pesky palm readers and more! They come in 5 different colours and are one size fits all- which is generally a woman’s hand or a man with smaller dainty paws.
Laid flat, the gloves measure approximately:
Wrist: 16cm
Around Palm: 19cm
Finger Circumference: 6cm
The gloves are made from synthetic leather (PU). We have then stitched unicorn tears (of happiness and melancholy) onto them to help guide you to all things sparkly.. They also have little heart cut outs…sweet, right?
Please note that these gloves are fingerless, which means if you wear them while executing a robbery- they will not help as they can still dust for your fingerprints. We will not be liable for this.
We make glove, not war.