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Please read through the information below to see if you think wild thing is the perfect match for you and your brand.


We would like our customers to associate the brands on Wild Thing with being original. We do not want items being re-sold through us if your items we’re purchased through sites like Ali Express. 

Sustainable Production

Do you know how your products we’re made? Our aim is to sell products which have been produced in a way which supports fair working wages and working conditions. We are trying to avoid mass produced clothing.

Customer Service

New or established, we welcome you, but we do ask that fulfilment times, quality of products and response times are high. We value customers just as much as you, and we want our customers to have a positive experience from start to finish.

Being a Wild Thing Vendor

Welcome to! We’re an exclusive, festival inspired marketplace here to support independent fashion boutiques. We’ve created a platform for passionate designers to showcase their unique products to the world. has become a great community for small businesses to support, grow and develop together.

How we work  // Orders are fulfilled by the brands themselves. With full control over sales, products and stock, brands can manage their store from anywhere in the world. Our main focus at is the promotion and advertising of all products in our Wild Thing wardrobe. By joining our website you’ll become part of our community, and have the opportunity to take part in regular photoshoots and social media advertising campaigns

Sign Up Process

We set up your store on and you can then access your store and take control. You’ll be able to access a dashboard where you can see all orders, contact customers, add / remove stock and much more. You will also be given the opportunity to send samples into the office for us to use at photoshoots throughout the year.

Sales go directly through our website for you to fulfill. An automated email is sent the moment a sale goes through. Payments are made weekly for all the sales you’ve made less commission. There are no monthly fees.


Get In Touch

Joining is by invite only. This is to ensure that we maintain a certain level of control over what is sold on our site. Please fill in the form below if you would like to join us, and we will be in touch with further information to join our community of brands and designers selling on wildthing,com!