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Five short steps to Festival Fabulous: Secret Garden Party Outfit Guide

Secret Garden Party
Photo from Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party goers – this one is for you! We’ve rounded up our favourite pieces to keep you looking fabulous, flamboyant and ferocious.

By: Emily Owen Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Are you heading to Secret Garden Party next month – the hedonistic haven of all things bizarre and magic? You lucky things! It’s the last one ever too so it has to be extra special. Just call us your fairy godmothers. It’s time to dig out your wellies and don the most fabulous outfit you can find. A lot of outfit guides will tell you that a simple shorts and a t-shirt combo, à la Alexa Chung, will suffice, but oh no not here at Wild Thing. This ensemble is something of a criminal offence to us. You all truly deserve to look your most extravagant, spectacular and kaleidoscopic selves and we’re at your service! At Wild Thing, the hyperbole is a way of life – we don’t do things by halves. Our motto is go vibrant or go home.

If you feel like you’re ready to throw the shorts and t-shirt culture away and dive deep into the flamboyant, fantastic festival ethic, then let us lead you the way. No festival attire is complete without a statement piece (or pieces) and we’ve got just the things for you to stand out and never let go of your wacky festival self. Trust us, you’ll absolutely love it.

House of Polly Mermaid Life Hat

Available on Wild Thing
House of Polly Mermaid Hat

If you’re about that mermaid life, look no further than House of Polly’s amazing ethereal hat designs all hand-made with love and magic. Each intricate design is different, but no less amazing, and will bring out the mermaid diva in you. Channel your inner Burning Man goddess with this wonderful eclectic design.

Kiki by Kiki Mermaid Jewelled Caplet

From Kiki by Kiki
Mermaid Caplet

It appears the mermaid theme is becoming a regular occurrence… The caplet comes with iridescent gems in the most beautiful pastel colours, all linked together with elaborate lavalieres. How could you not feel like a mermaid while adorning this masterpiece? Embellish with mounds and mounds of glitter on the chest area, and you’ll be feeling like an honorary mermaid in no time. Kiki by Kiki certainly have the glitter tits trend covered and what better place to show them off than Secret Garden Party?

Day by Day Reeeow Cheeky Bodysuit

Day by Day Label
Animal print bodysuit

Straight out of the Fantasia trend is the mesmerising, saccharine Day by Day bodysuit. With its fierce, yet sweet, animal-esque print, and vibrant pink fringe detail, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right out of the Willy Wonka factory. Super comfy and super colourful, you’ll be able to rock this all day without feeling irritated. Not to mention, you’ll look good enough to eat.

That New Label Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Available on Wild Thing
That New Label Bodysuit

Another wonder from the Fantasia trend is this holographic, colourful mesh bodysuit. A far cry from the short and t-shirt combo, and boy would you all look great enrobed in this statement piece. Dress it up or dress it down as you wish, but you’ll still be the life and soul of the party in this celestial bodysuit. A Secret Garden Party must-have.

Babydol Marshmallow Festival Kimono

Available on Wild Thing
Marshmallow kimono from Babydol

A kimono can take you from zero to fabulous in a matter of seconds, and the same can be said for Babydol’s cute, yet delicious, marshmallow kimono. Look and feel like a festival Queen and adorn this royal robe enough to make your subjects jealous with this dreamy piece with the most whimsical marabou trim. Siphon your inner flamingo nymph and pair with pink sequins to become the epitome of feminine glamour.

Practical? Sensible? Boring? These are foreign words to us. What do they even mean? A festival is one of the only chances where you can dress like a complete madman and get away with it, why not embrace that? Take a look at the website for plenty more festival trends, there’s something for everyone. Secret Garden Party won’t know what hit it. Don’t forget the glitter!