Preparing for Glastonbury

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Glastonbury festival is one of the biggest, best and most well-known festival in the world. Being a huge festival lover and living near Glastonbury I’ve been going to the festival for many years now. I’ve been asked a number of times “how should I get myself ready for Glastonbury? What do I pack?” So I’ve put together a little blog to help you prepare for what is, in my opinion, the best festival in the world.

Why is Glastonbury the world’s best festival you ask? Well, there is something truly unique about Glastonbury, with a site like a small town and with over 100 different stages there are so many hidden secrets about Glastonbury, and when people tell you Glastonbury is big, they don’t tell you that the perimeter of the festival is 8.5 miles . So try not to lose your friends, or you may have to learn the hard way like me.

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HOW TO GET THERE? The least stressful way of getting to Glastonbury is to get the coach or bus. You don’t have to worry about driving, finding somewhere to park (and then remembering where that was) and going through the coach entrance is less stressful and with a far shorter que than trying to get through the regular pedestrian entrances. If you do decide to travel by car and want to get there on the Wednesday then try to get arrive at around 5am first thing in the morning or leave it until much later in the evening, I don’t want to scare you, but I once turned up at 7am, got in the que and it took 8 hours to get in!? It was exhausting, frustrating and I lost a shoe in the mud.

WHAT SHALL I PACK? What you can pack is limited; you don’t want to be carrying around a 100kg bag so don’t pack anything that you don’t need. Below is my check list of things you might want to pack and things you NEED to pack.

• Wellies, trust me, you don’t want to get stuck in the Glastonbury mud without these.

• Walking boots, these for me are a must, I own caterpillars and I don’t know how I would manage without them. When the sun is out you don’t want to be wearing wellies, they get hot and sticky and can rub (ew). • Wet wipes, anti-bacterial wipes and tissues, we can at least try to stay clean!

• Phone Charger and portable charge pack, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go without this. Your phone will die, you will get lost and never be found again. …..Just bring a phone charger.

• A waterproof coat, I’m not the most practical person in the world so telling other people to be practical is very hypercritical. Previously I took a large sunflower poncho thinking that would be enough, obviously it wasn’t and I got soaked.

• It would be wrong to turn up to a festival without face glitter, so wrong, just plain wrong damn it! So here is a link to our magical glitter SHOP GLITTER

• Bum bag, so convenient and safe for festival goers, I wouldn’t go without one. Just pop it around your waist and your’e ready to dance the day/night away, and what’s great is we have an amazing collection of these right here on the website. SHOP BUMBAGS

WHERE SHALL I GO WHEN I GET THERE? SODIf you are arriving on the Wednesday, pop up to the stone circle, justup from the healing fields where Glastonbury host a great opening ceremony, it’s one to not be missed. On the Wednesday and Thursday before the main acts kick off on Friday it’s a great chance to have a wonder around the festival and get to know your bearings and check out some of the other things to do around the festival. Make sure you go and spend lots of time in the green fields and in Shangri-La (my two favourite areas of the festival). Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to see everything, it’s impossible, there’s so much to see and do and not enough time to do it all. If you are looking for a great place to do some shopping whilst you’re there, make sure you pop down to state of disarrays sparkly shop, they are located between west holts and leftfield.

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