name change




We now have a .com name so are able to focus more on going international! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your brand. We would like you to re-confirm postage prices and delivery times for UK and international sales.

You should already have a log in for the website and we will need you to use this to keep on top of what is in stock and what isn’t. You can update and add products yourself and we also have a team who can help and do this for you if you would like. Any edits/updates to your products that you would like us to do, please email (once the website has swapped over names) and we will update this for you within 72 hours. If you would like us to re-confirm your log in please let us know.

To keep on trend and up to date we will  be doing regular photoshoots at a variety of different locations. You can either leave an item with us to re-use until you require the product back, or we can contact you if we feel your products will suit the planned shoot. If we take images of your products we are more than happy for you to post them onto your social media and your own personal website, however, you will not be able to use these images on other third party websites.

As part of our service we will be looking to gift and offer bloggers and celebrities items of clothing to help promote your brand. If you would like to be part of this, please let us know your terms so we can contact you when opportunities arise. If you can offer a discounted price again, let us know.

To summarise, we will need the following information from you:
– International shipping costs and delivery times
– Whether you want to be contacted regarding gifting
Please email this information to
We will keep our old email address for a while until everything has switched over
New contact information:




If we haven’t already said hello to you from the middle of a field this summer, we thought we’d say hi and introduce ourselves. We’re Katie and Lauren, 2 sisters with big dreams.
We’ve always had a love for fashion and all thing that sparkle… 6 years ago, we started selling T-shirts online and this business is still going strong.
We gained so much experience from setting up, and maintaining our T-shirt business. From website design to marketing, we had to learn all aspects of running an online business, and three years ago we felt ready to take on the huge tasks of setting up a
marketplace website for the glitter loving, alternative individual. It was at this point we purchased and the idea was born.


It took us 2 years of research, brainstorming and saving to get festivalfashion alive and kicking, and we couldn’t contain our excitement when we finally went live just over a year ago. We’re so pleased with festivalfashion’s first years success.

We’ve been relitively quiet for a while as we’ve been pulling our hair out over the idea of re-branding. ARGH is perfect for summer, but we felt it wasn’t the right name for a website dedicated to all year round fashion, so after much thought and deliberation, we’re going to be!
We feel the name is perfect for the products we sell, and having a .com allows us to sell abroad much easier, giving us a much bigger market. We’re very excited about the re-launch. will still stay pointing to the website.
Plans for the future? We’ve now got an excellent PR company behind us, helping us push onwards and upwards. With more magazine coverage and blogger exposure, we know that will be successful.
We’ve seen festivalfashion grow so much in the last year we wanted to say thank you for being apart of our journey so far, and we hope we’ve  contributed to yours and will do so going forward.
Katie and Lauren xx