How To Hide Your Roots – Unicorn Style

Unicorn Hair for Festivals

If you’re anything like me and you check your Instagram and Twitter pages ten times a day then you can’t of missed the new ‘glitter roots’ trend sparkling out of your phone screen. Here at Festival Fashion we are kind of like magpies, we’re drawn to all things sparkly and colorful so naturally we had to get some hair dye and glitter and give this a go! We have taken photos of our glitter roots journey so you can have a go this weekend!

The first thing on our glitter roots shopping list were these little pots of magic and sparkles  from at £5 each. They’re a bit expensive but I love these sequins by topshop as they are a bit chunkier than other glitters I have bought in the past so they tend to have a more vivid, stand out look.


Next on the shopping list was hair dye. I love playing around with my hair colour and have found in the past that some don’t give much of a colour while some others are impossible to get out (in one case, I had green hair for a month and 100 hair washes after dying it!). For trying out glitter roots we bought Fudge Urban Hair Art. I would definitely recommend using these, the dye sprays in easily, gives a really vibrant colour but also washes out no problem. You can pick up the cans of hair dye from your local Boots or Superdrug.


So now you have your glitter roots essentials it’s time to start turning yourself into Tinkerbell. You can start by making a parting wherever in your hair that you are going to want to put the gitter, in the two examples below we have put our hair into a side parting and a middle parting (to then make into buns). Once you have your parting you can start going crazy with the hair dye spraying the hair with whatever colour you’ve picked, we chose Violet Haze and Pink Ink for ours. (Note: if you like your clothes the colour that they are and don’t want to dye them as well as your hair I’d suggest wrapping a towel over your shoulders!)


Once you’ve finished pretending to be Picaso and your hair is looking like the mane of a majestic magical unicorn, style your hair however you wish.


Now comes the most fun (and messy) part! Begin by getting a can of hairspray and spraying the roots where you want to place the glitter, then comes the glitter madness, as you can see from the photo below I went a little crazy. Just place as much or as little glitter over your roots as you like and the hairspray will keep it all in place.


We had a great time glittering up our roots and now you’ve see how easy and fun it is you have no excuses, join the glitter root army today!

Below are some photos of the final look; Katie with a side parting using Pink Ink by Urban Fudge and silver sequins.


And here is Lauren styled with side buns using Violet Haze By Urban Fudge and silver and blue glitter.


Love FF xx