Festival style: sashaying and shimmering in sequins

Sequins, sequins and more sequins: our go-to festival staple for a decadent summer of shimmer

By: Emily Owen  Instagram: @theglitterygoose

There’s one prominent festival specimen that everyone adores and that’s sequins, right? If you’re not one of these people, where have you been hiding!? It’s time to crack out the glitter and throw on a sequin or 3000. Heck, why wait until a festival? They’re perfect for parading and shimmying around the house in.

One of sequins’ most brilliant attributes is their amazingly metamorphic nature. I mean, they can transform you into a radiant fairy goddess in just a matter of minutes, so what’s not to love? How can you not be a fan of sequins in all their dazzling, shimmery and sparkly glory?

Festivals are ultimately all about having fun, so why not have fun with sequins? We’ve put together a definitive list of some of our favourite sequin items from Wild Thing, so why not go all out and become a glistening, glimmering nymph princess (or prince)? We’ve probably completely exhausted the series of adjectives available to describe sequins now, so we’ll cut right to our favourite pieces featured below.

LAA WOOF! Iridescent All Eye kimono

Take a look at this bad boy. What a beauty. The lustrous green satin perfectly contrasts with the giant sequinned pink eyeball embellished on the back of the kimono. Recommended for those who are still unsure about donning an outfit teeming with the jewelled wonders known as sequins. This is definitely a piece to ease you in to the wacky and wonderful world of sequins. Take a look at the kimono here.


Loonigans ‘Mars’ flip sequin body

This piece of pure artistry holds the key to my heart. With a gorgeously cut silhouette and an amalgamation of colours that would melt your heart, Loonigans never fail to deliver with their beautifully crafted sequin items. Go on, I dare you – make your friends jealous in this sequinned spectacle, invest now.

Loonigans 'Mars' pink body with sequins
Dress to impress in the Loonigans ‘Mars’ sequin body

Babydol Dazzle Dreams sequin jacket

Here’s one for all you rainbow lovers out there. The Dazzle Dreams jacket does exactly what it says on the tin, with a stunning rainbow sequin pattern perfectly complemented by a neon fringed trim. Glitz it up with some jewels and glitter and you’re good to go.


Babydol Haters sequin catsuit

Another dreamboat item from Babydol Clothing. Turn heads as a vision in holographic sequins with this opulent, gleaming festival catsuit. Each item is made to order so you know you’ll find the perfect fit for you. Get your sass on with a flattering plunged neckline and low-cut back.


Feathers and Thread colourful feather sequin bralette

This sequin bralette is an amazingly unique piece to add to your assemblage of festival-ready flamboyance. With eye-catching multi-coloured sequins and a feathered plumage and pom pom trim, standing out in a crowd is predestined. One of the many plus side of sequins? Your friends will always be able to find you.


There are undoubtedly way more luminous and glorious items we could have picked, but the list would be endless. Take a look at our other sequinned wonders on the website. Just search ‘sequin’ The most important thing to remember is – more is more.