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Farr Festival review 2018

So Wild Thing returned to Hertfordshire’s forested treasure, Farr Festival, a few weeks ago and we were wondering if it was going to be able to live up to the previous year. Well, we can happily confirm that the answer is a 100% resounding YES.

Farr Festival - Img by Tom Durston
Farr Festival 2018 – image by Tom Durston

In fact, Farr actually surpassed all expectations – it had obviously taken on board customer queries and become even more magical and all-embracing that it had been previously. We weren’t even sure that was going to be achievable!

What made it even more special was the fact that the promoters really know how to hone in on making the experience as wonderful, and the atmosphere as inclusive as possible for each and every attendee. It also helped that the location is a beautiful woodland haven, and everywhere you looked you were surrounded by forests of trees, mounds of green (albeit dusty) fields and every night you witnessed the most beautiful sunsets from the hill where the festival site was located. Sounds like heaven, right?

An absolute musical pleasure

Even the sound quality had massively improved, so the promoters and events team had rightly garnered praise from festival-goers all around the site. Again, musical quality seemed like a thing of the past compared to the absolute stupendous line-up that Farr Festival seems to knock out every year. The ninth edition was no different, this year homing a vast abundance of colossal names you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find on big festival line-ups. This is where Farr Festival really shines as a small event. Where else could you find Antal, Hunee, Dixon, Daphni, Jacques Greene all on the same line-up at less-than-10,000 capacity festival? Obviously, there are other smaller festivals such as Gottwood, but Farr Festival has really carved out its own space on the festival map, and will continue to do so for it’s 10th birthday next year.

Image by Tom Durston
Farr Festival 2018 – Image by Tom Durston

The Factory stage made a welcomed return this year, with Rush Hour boss Antal who played a stellar disco set, before his prodigy Hunee took to the decks for what was a euphoric and climactic finale. Acts such as Paranoid London, Optimo, DVS1 and Mount Kimbie were all also well-received by revellers who expressed their gratitude by dancing each night until the sun came up.

Thank you to the Farr Festival team for what was once again a beautiful and momentous experience. We can’t wait to attend the 10th anniversary next year! Make sure you keep an eye out for dates and more information on Farr’s website here.

Image by Tom Durston
Farr Festival 2018 – Image by Tom Durston