Envirofriend or foe?

These days it’s easier than ever to be more environmentally friendly at home, but what about when you’re away at a festival? Without your creature comforts?  The increase in festivals all over the world has inevitably led to more rubbish being left behind, things such as cheap mass produced tents being part of the issue and sheer laziness being the other.

But have no fear, there are small steps that everyone can take to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible when living in a field for 5 days, as these are steps that you can also continue even when you are back home and no longer have to have baby wipe baths. Check out my recommendations below on the essentials you will need this summer!

  1. To glitter or not to glitter that is the question…..everyone loves abit of glitter, especially at a festival, whether it’s the lads getting their beards jazzed up or the girls getting glitter tits on the go. In recent years the use of glitter has sky rocketed and obviously this has had a massive impact on the environment particularly with the ocean. But thankfully now we can still use our glitter with reckless abandon thanks to amazing companies such as Bristol based Eco stardust who produce an amazing range of biodegradable glitters made from plants. You can even send in your old non bio glitter to them for a discount off your purchases.

2. It can be even more of a challenge for us ladies when it’s that time of the month, something that doesn’t normally go hand in hand with being good for mother earth.  A lot of feminine hygiene products are either made from plastic or cardboard which don’t break down and end up in a land fill or in the sea. But now there are so many options and they don’t need to break the bank! So you can be conscious for the planet and for your wallet 😉 #winning.  New products such as moon cups are long lasting and reusable, there is also now an amazing company called TOTM who make biodegradable tampons, pads & panty liners, all without any nasty chemicals. All of this and they will even deliver straight to your front door every month, you couldn’t ask for more!

3. Festival faves Burnt Soul do eco catsuits that are all made from recycled materials so you can still look gorgeous whilst knowing you’re doing your part. Guilt free fashion, what more could a gal ask for?!

4. Want to go plastic free for your festivals over them summer but not sure where to go? Check out pic and mix festival kits, they have everything you need to keep you going and everything is plastic free and biodegradable/recyclable, from their body washes & shampoos, to their lip balms and deodorant. They even do VIP festival kits that includes everything you need!

5. Reusable straws! And no I’m not talking about the paper ones that go soggy in your drink after a while, we are talking stainless steel. Final straw are the original straw company but if you prefer a cheaper UK based alternative then you can use Metal Straw Co. What’s more baller than whipping out your very own personalised pop out straw that goes on your keychain!

Check out the links below for your festival needs, if you have discovered any amazing e-co friendly products let me know in the comment section below.


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