Worldwide Shipping

Nearly all our items are shipped worldwide so you don’t have to miss out on our amazing garments because of where you live! 


When going through checkout, the shipping costs will be broken down so you can see what prices will be for each brand’s items in your shopping cart. Brands ship out directly to you, so you will need to pay each brand to ship.  Shipping is only paid once per brand so make sure you check out the other items sold by your favourite brand to save money!

Shipping times

Some items are ready to ship, and some are made to order so please take note of this when estimating delivery times. Each item should mention how long it will take to arrive to you dependant on where you live, and where the item is made and shipped from.

Ordering Multiple items

Ordering multiple items doesn’t have to be expensive. Order more than 1 item by the same brand and you’re postage won’t go up. Each brand you order from have their own postage fee. When going through checkout, the postage for that brand will show. Shipping is only paid once per brand.

Free Shipping options

We’re pleased to offer free shipping options for orders above £150. This is only valid for brands shipping from your destination country. To see all brands who will be included in your free shipping, head to our Boutiques page and filter by country.


Sometimes, orders just aren’t right. Please see our returns page for further information, but as a rule, return postage will be paid for by you, and any refunds won’t include the initial postage paid.

Question about delivery?

If you’ve already ordered, please login and check your item’s status, if it says “complete” it is on it’s way to you. Some brands allow you to contact them directly through your login for any further questions. For the fastest response, please contact the brand here. If this isn’t an option for your order, please message us using the form below and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

General delivery questions are also welcome