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We love collaborations, and we’re always open to creating new relationships with bloggers and influences all over the world, no matter how big or small!

If you’re into your fashion and festivals, we’d love to hear from you! Dependent on how big your reach is will depend on how we can work together

If you are interested, you can email us at, and we can send you over an information pack about our website to help you with any blog/vlog content, and discuss how we can work with you.

Please see below for a rough indication of how we can work with you

7,500 followers or less – We would love for you to do a blog/vlog about our website for our collaboration.  Once you’ve completed your blog, we will be happy to share a link over to your blog from our press page.

7,501 – 25,000 followers – We will be able to send you one of our selected items for you to try and wear, we would request you put up a post on social media which we will share, and also request a blog/vlog, which we will link to your website from our press page.

25,001 – 75,000 followers – We will be able to send you various items for you to keep and wear. We would request you put up a post of social media which we will share.  A blog/vlog isn’t mandatory, but if you are going to be doing one, we will be able to send you out more items.

75,000 + followers – contact us directly and we will be able to discuss a collaboration with you.

We would love to hear from you. No matter how established you are we love the idea of giving opportunities to new start ups. Please bear in mind that we do generally check followers for how organic they appear. We would rather you had 3,000 general followers than 15,000 fake ones. This can potentially effect any future collaborations with ourselves or our designers.

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