Brilliant, genius and legendary ways of sneaking your alcohol into a festival!

One of the most frustrating things about many festivals is their policy’s on alcohol. Whilst at most you are allowed to consume your own alcohol at your tent, most do not allow alcohol to be brought into the main arena. This means prices are usually extortionate, and queuing for alcohol can be a major buzz killer.

As a regular festival goer, I have to admit, I should be far more organised than I am when it comes to alcohol. I usually go for the stick-the-bottle-down-my-pants-and-hope-I-don’t-get-searched option! Most of the time however the security guards are onto my sneaky plan, my drinks get confiscated and I’m left alcohol-less and poor after spending all my money on expensive festival drinks. In 2016 I am going to try and be more organised and I will be testing out some different options for getting alcohol into festivals (I will let you know how It goes).  So now I have built the suspense let’s get a list going.

1 – Mini Bottles in your wellies –

Watch your stride and try not to give it away. This simple yet genius way is almost guaranteed to get alcohol into a festival. I mean let’s face it, what security guard in their right mind would want to stick their hand down someone’s smelly, muddy wellie!

2 – Sunscreen and Lotion Tube Flasks-

Going for around £12 a pop- you’d better hope it’s a sunny day to get away with this one. But who would suspect a thing…right?jWrKT35l

3 – Alcohol locks –

Yes, that’s right. There is an actual bottle of vodka IN HER HAIR! This might not work if you’re rocking a bob but if you have lovely long locks give this one a go (I’m defiantly going to be).

4 – Boobie Bag –

Cheeky but genius! This is for sale on amazon for £12 for four 120ml bags. Just try not to get too excited and jump around too much- or it could end badly.

51MFgDvet9L._SL1000_5 – Wine Rack-

From one boobie trick to another. This one really did make me have a little giggle (im
mature- I know). This one does not only allow you think sneak alcohol into the festival / venue, it also enlarges your boobs! What more can you want in the world? I’m serious, this is just incredible.

6  Junk in your trunk –enhanced-9573-1437665178-6

Now, this is one for the guys. I can’t imagine this being the most comfortable thing in the world, but I’m sure you can jus waddle through security and boom you’re in. Good luck with that!

7 –  shot tube & tampon wrappers –

Very ‘orange is the new black’. Just tell your friends what’s going on before whacking out a tampon and starting to drink from it. I can’t see why this would not work unless security sees the word ‘fake’ on the packaging.


Let us know your tricks!

Love FF X