Boomtown 2018…Turn The Page To Chapter 10!


Let us begin…

Boomtown has always been on Wildthing’s to do list, every year we say we’re going to go but some how we’ve never made it! The amount of times we’ve been told, ” you would love Boom Town” and wandered what people meant, this year the Wild thing Girls are finally going to find out!  Who’s with us? Time to break out of our office in Bristol and head to the biggest growing city that is Boomtown…

The story

What sets the festival apart from the rest, is the festivals story… once upon a time in 2009 there was a man named Nicholas Boom,every year a district is born and the revolution takes over. From The Wild West to the Rave Yard the city grows deeper and deeper each year, Lions Den, Sector 6 and now the new Diss-order alley. You can’t but help naturally fall into character and become a citizen of the Boomtown.

Our adrenaline is pumping and brains whizzing at Wildthing headquarters as we caught up with the story and got accustomed with the districts. What new districts and town people are lurking around each corner, will we be chilling at Paradise Heights? Or getting wavey down Old Town?

Get into character

So what will be wearing you ask… Reload, What Characters! Will we be? A Seamstress for the can-can dancers from Wild West,  steam punk rockers from Diss-order Alley? Banghai rebels? At Wild Thing we don’t do things in half measures. Soon to come we will be posting another blog on which characters we have picked and trust me you don’t want to miss it, we are working with local Bristol designers and more to bring you style tips and full looks that you can bring to Boomtown this year.  For now, check out the characters that made up last years forever growing city …chapter 9 characters.


Watch out for our own styles over the festival weekend and come say hiiii, we are dying to see your crazy chapter 10 inspired looks…who knows there may be a little treat for our favourite outfit!! Start tagging your @boomtownofficial outfits purchased from @wildthing now to get the creative juices flowing! 

Keep posted for the highly anticipated release of 2018 character themes followed by Wild Thing’s stlye blog (part 1), with so many more new districts this year we’re going to have so much fun creating!!

Boomtown…we will see you soon to turn the page to Chapter 10: THE MACHINE CANNOT BE STOPPED.

Love love love from The Wild Things  xox