Bestival 2017- Why we’re super excited

This week in Wildthing HQ we’re getting super excited for Bestival, which is taking place on the 7th- 10th of September in it’s new location, Lulworth estate, Dorset. Not only are we so excited to see what new areas they have introduced to the festival, but we’re so ecstatic to see that this years theme isCOLOUR. I’ve been to Bestival before times and I’m really happy to see the return of some of the famous Bestival landmarks such as Love Bot and HMS Bestival, but what’s got me the most excited is the WORLDS LARGEST CONFETTI CANNON!

As soon as the theme was announced we started to get really inspired, pulling everything off the rails at our office and talking about what items would go great together. For me, the theme colour makes me think of loud block colours pulled together to create a bold and exciting, stand out piece. Mixed with lots of glitter and accessories of course.

Being the babes we are we’re here to help! We have selected THE best pieces from to suit the theme to save you time… and give you a little splash of our Wildthing style. We have also put a small video together to show some looks, so make sure you check it out!


Make sure you’re not left in the dark! (Yes, pun intended) and get some sassy colourful clothes and more importantly your Bestival ticket today!

Can’t wait to see you all there 🙂

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