Alternitive Halloween Costumes

If you want some Halloween inspiration you’ve come to the right place. Most of the products listed below are handmade and unique. You don’t have to purchase overpriced, poor quality costumes this Halloween. Opt for an alternative look.  We have a dedicated Halloween page, but we’ve put together a Halloween look book for you using our products. Most products are made to order and not off-the-shelf, so make sure you order early to avoid disappointment!

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Lace and Feather Bralette || Black Headpiece || Black Leather Feather Cuff



Mexican Style Body Suit || Rose Crown || Flower Horns



Leopard Ears Headband || Leopard Jumpsuit



Glitter Carnival Trio || Unicorn Pom Pom Headband || Pink PVC Twin Set || Rainbow Catsuit

I love Halloween. I love dressing up. Luckily for me my birthday falls over the Halloween weekend so costumes and fancy dress have always been a part of my celebrations. I can be quite theatrical, so my Birthday/Halloween weekend has always been a personal excuse for me to go above and beyond. I don’t do half measures. Halloween costumes have been gaining popularity in adults over the years, and whether you want to dress up as as your favourite sexy TV character, or scare the living shit out of people with your zombie make up skills… it’s all acceptable for 1 day a year. After a long summer of festivals and elaborate outfits, I feel that Halloween is one of the last chances to get our creative juices flowing and create a eye catching look. As I’ve got older the costumes have got less slutty, I must say my “mean girls” costume days are most certainly over, but in place of this I’ve moved over to the elaborate art of make-up FX and costume making. Last year I purchased a corset and stuck flowers all over it for my “day of the dead” look. After many years of being left disappointed I learnt my lesson with buying fancy dress online. I’m sure you’ve been there… You see a fancy dress costume online which looks fantastic on the models, but only left greatly disappointed in the quality of the products received. Fancy dress companies tend to be make outfits with poor fitting materials, and without any options to change last minute your little bo peep outfit makes you look more like bo Pete. Last year my partner wanted to go as the joker, and the costume which turned up was exactly that – a joke. So very last minute I had to put together a creative outfit and do joker makeup using left over face paints. The end result was worth it though, and I decided from that point on I will not be purchasing any fancy dress manufactured for the masses again, after all, why spend out on awfully made products? Part of the fun of dressing up is being creative and opting for products which will stand out as being unique, handmade and of high quality. I’m a bit of a perfectionist I must say, and I always like to opt for costume ideas which aren’t going to be worn by every other person at the party. So I’ve put together a few looks for you using products from our website to help you along your way.