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About us

“By selecting the best creative and fun independent brands, we’ve created a website like no other. Eccentric glitter jackets, crazy feather tops, pretty boho dresses and brightly coloured bodysuits are just a few of the products we sell. Man, woman, unicorn… whoever you are our marketplace is for you if you like edgy, stylish and on-trend clothing. Most of our pieces are handmade and ethically produced by small brands – we believe that independent fashion is the future.

Whatever your style, we can offer you something different, something unique, and something special. Shop with us and support the growth of independent fashion around the world.”

Our story

We’re Katie and Lauren, two sisters with big dreams.

We’ve always had a love for fashion and all thing that sparkle… six years ago, we started selling t-shirts online and the opportunity to let our creativity run wild was exhilarating. As the business grew, we soon realised there was much more to this than just creating t-shirts. From website design and marketing to admin and accounting, we had to learn all aspects of running an online business. One thing we found difficult was the lack of opportunities there were for new creative designers to showcase their work to the world so in 2013 we decided we wanted to create a website dedicated to alternative, eccentric and unique clothing.

It took us two years of research, brainstorming and saving to get wildthing.com alive and kicking and we couldn’t contain our excitement when we finally went live in 2015.

Since setting up the website we’ve met some incredibly talented designers and upcoming brands, and we’re honoured to be a part of their journey. Most of our designers hand make and create their own clothing. There are also many who get their products ethically produced elsewhere. Whilst it is impossible for us to monitor all products, we like to think that all of our products are made in this way. We’ve met quite a few of our designers now and they are very normal people… however they have a huge drive and ambition to create and design their own clothing. We love thinking that when a product sells, it is contributing directly to their lives and helping their business grow. As our business grows, we are getting more established businesses wanting to join the website, but our main aim will always be to support the newcomers who strive to get their new brands noticed!

Company Interests

Smart Fashion

We think independent and ethically made fashion is the way forward. Mass produced clothing in sweatshops is something we try to avoid at all costs. Most of our clothing is handmade. We love to think that when a product sells on our site, the money from that sale is helping one of our designers to grow their business.

Womens Rights

We like to think of our website as a small community, all looking out for each other in our businesses and supporting our work. We are strong believers that women can do anything they set out to do. We’ve met many influential and powerful women on our journey so far, and we have been inspired by everyone along the way.

Mental Health

Following on from women’s rights mental health is a topic that we hold close to our hearts, which is why we decided to do t-shirt collaborations with YoungMinds Charity. They do fantastic work with young children who need help with mental issues.




Favourite Festival: Ultra Music Festival

Festival Style: Practical Princess


Katie is one of Our Directors at Wild thing starting the company in 2003  This Girl boss creates our website and makes sure we are all on top of content and new styles This women is unstoppable and she cant wait to share our future ideas with you all


Favourite Festival: Glastonbury Festival

Festival Style: More Sparkles the better


Lauren is our other director she is the sparkiest lady on our team and a serious Girl Boss   Always finding new and up and coming designers to join our market place you wont ever see Lauren without glitter on . . . ever

ideas with you all

lauren hobbs wild thing


Favourite Festival: Shambala Festival

Festival Style: minimal clothing with a ghetto twist


Anna is our Wild thing Photo shoot and video co coordinator and model she has been with us for nearly a year now with new ideas and shoots coming soon be sure to keep your eyes peeled


Favourite Festival: Sonisphere

Festival Style: Grunge


Our favourite photographer ever Lucy is just such a mega babe her images are always on point and she is a dream to work with she has been with us from the first photoshoot  we Lucy work closely together to create most of our content and she creates the most amazing images

ideas with you all

posie wild thing


Favourite Festival: Shambala Festival

Festival Style: Festival Fluff


Posie is the Shine Shack queen she also models with us and has been part of the squad for just over a year now we love festivaling with this sparkle spreading angel she is the face of fluff and brings so much positivity to everyone’s lives


Favourite Festival: Tokyo World

Festival Style: Snuki Swag /Barbie on acid


Snook started braiding for us on a shine shack shoot but she has become a part of the family this incredible ball of energy is now our in house hair stylist  with crazy amounts of colourful hair this women can braid and create anything  she is the ultimate festival prep go to

lauren snook wild thing 1
clara wildthing


Favourite Festival: Shambala

Festival Style: Taste the Rainbow


Clara is our new intern at wildthing she helps out with styling and shoot content and models for us too this festival queen is going to go far in the fashion industry and we have loved having her as part of our team already

"our office is all about