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A day out with Burnt Soul!

I spent the day with the fabulous Anna from Burnt Soul at their pop up shop in Covent Garden. Only here for one month the shop has already attracted a lot of attention and it’s not difficult to see why, whether you’re a Burnt Soul veteran or have never even so much as looked at a catsuit before. A little taste of heaven that’s set in such a beautiful part of London.

As you ladies already know, Burnt Souls clothing looks incredible online, but seeing it up close and personal and being able to try it all on to your heart’s content is something else I can tell you. Stepping into the Burnt soul world is just every bit as gorgeous and sparkly in real life as you could have hoped for, from the disco balls throughout, to the full length UV mirrors, even the changing rooms sparkle!  So if you are in need of a little festival fix then look no further, as this shop will certainly whet your appetite.

The star attraction is the new spice up your soul collection that they have just launched. One piece is launched each week and is based on a member of all our favourite pop group growing up, the spice girls! We got our first taste of feminism at a young age and this is something that Burnt Soul certainly has carried on through with their big, bold and fresh brand. Supporting each other as strong independent females and promoting body positivity for all shapes and sizes!  As with a lot of Burnt Souls pieces these are limited edition, so grab them whilst you can, as when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The brand new spice up your soul collection

As well as making the most incredible clothing to make you look and feel like a goddess, a huge part of Burnt Souls ethos is minimal waste. From their studio in Bristol, this gang of kick ass girls source only the highest quality materials, nothing is imported and they are keen to support UK industries, something we need now more than ever. Where possible the excess materials are either recycled into the amazing Eco catsuits you have seen the babes modelling online or donated to scrap stores and primary schools in Bristol to be reused into other products.

Checkout the Burnt Soul gang!

Check out some more of pics and videos from my day out and let me know if you have been down to the pop up shop yet, share your experience below!

The Peekaboo lazer catsuit
All the best accessories
The shop decorations of dreams!
The Geri
Me and Anna
Anna talking through the new collection!

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