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Bestival 2017- Why we’re super excited

This week in Wildthing HQ we’re getting super excited for Bestival, which is taking place on the 7th- 10th of September in it’s new location, Lulworth estate, Dorset. Not only are we so excited to see what new areas they have introduced to the festival, but we’re so ecstatic to see that this years theme isCOLOUR. I’ve been to Bestival before times and I’m really happy to see the return of some of the famous Bestival landmarks such as Love Bot and HMS Bestival, but what’s got me the most excited is the WORLDS LARGEST CONFETTI CANNON!

As soon as the theme was announced we started to get really inspired, pulling everything off the rails at our office and talking about what items would go great together. For me, the theme colour makes me think of loud block colours pulled together to create a bold and exciting, stand out piece. Mixed with lots of glitter and accessories of course.

Being the babes we are we’re here to help! We have selected THE best pieces from to suit the theme to save you time… and give you a little splash of our Wildthing style. We have also put a small video together to show some looks, so make sure you check it out!


Make sure you’re not left in the dark! (Yes, pun intended) and get some sassy colourful clothes and more importantly your Bestival ticket today!

Can’t wait to see you all there 🙂

Bestival Tickets

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Aespia Festival | An art festival in a secret location

Aespia Festival

Aespia is a 24 hour celebration of art and escapism.

Remember to add WILD at the checkout for an exclusive 15% discount on all tickets!

You are taken away on blanked-out coaches and shuttle buses to a secret woodland location.

Aespia is about creativity and discovering a meaningful connection to the things and beings that surround you – it is a no phones festival, where you leave your reality behind and immerse yourself in an alternate world.

Before you enter the woods, you will pass through ‘limbo’, where you drop off your bags, change into your art overalls, and get ready to create a piece of live, accumulative art.

The woods are transformed into an engaging outdoor gallery by our hugely talented team of artists, architects and musicians. Expect stunning sculptures, giant paintings, interactive installations, miniature exhibitions hidden within the trees, impromptu performances and much, much more.  A giant three-dimensional canvas will be created for you to explore, adapt and enjoy.

Aespia is special because we invite YOU to become the artists. We provide the materials, atmosphere and backdrop – you make your mark.

Aespia is split into 5 worlds; all of which have their own identity; all captivating and majestic in their own right.

There is no main stage; no main feature; no main area – instead you’ll find yourself wandering in and out of forest communities that are envisioned, designed, built and run by collectives who live in the woods for the month of August, collaborating, dreaming and sharing.

Within these worlds, you’ll be immersed in live art, music, performance and movement; invited to participate in eclectic creative activities run by brilliantly talented teachers; and spoiled by bespoke bars and food stalls that compliment the feel and atmosphere of the area.

Each world is carefully designed to evoke different emotions and ease you into different states of mind; a sensory journey, catering to your every need. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing to infectious music; frolicking between installations, discovering the secrets of the Aespian woods; or connecting with like-minded creatives inside cosy dens; you’ll discover a sense of belonging in one – if not all – of the worlds.

Something very different to anything else you’ve seen this summer. In a secret woodland location, this 24 hour festival is a celebration of the arts and escapism. It’s a playground for hedonism, somewhere to unwind and separate yourself from the daily grind.


For more information visit

Line Up

The lineup for this festival hasn’t been announced yet, check back soon!


General admission tickets cost:

£40.00 – £55.00

Tickets for Aespia Festival can be purchased from the following operators:

Event Halo – Use FFY at the checkout for an exclusie 15% discount on all tickets

Getting There

The festival will take place at the following location:


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Meet the owners of | Katie & Lauren Hobbs was made from a love of festivals, glitter, and self-belief

By Katie Hobbs

Hi I’m Katie, one of the directors of!

In terms of marketplaces, ours is unique in more ways than 1 and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how we turned our wildest dreams into a reality.

Me and my sister Lauren have always had a love for festivals and fashion, so whilst searching the web for fashion inspiration we were inundated with fast fashion and huge retailers. We managed to stumble across independent brands and Boutiques which we were in awe of, and came up with the idea of creating a marketplace which put together all these beautifully eccentric and colourful items of clothing in 1 place. Whilst fashion marketplaces existed, there wasn’t anything which focused on festival inspired clothing and we wanted to create a unique website which catered for those who wanted to shop independent fashion with ease.

We decided to keep the name simple. We purchased the domain name in August 2013, and started budgeting and saving for the next 2 years, and coming up with a plan of action for the website.

We got our good friend Chris from to build us our website. Before the website went live, we had to try and find brands to join the website. At this point the website was a blank canvas and getting brands to trust in us to sell their products was a difficult task to say the least. We persevered and managed to get some great brands to sign up to our marketplace, many of which is still with us today!

The next difficulty we had was figuring out our commission, our invoicing system and our VAT responsibilities and all the boring financial stuff. We ended up in tears on many nights getting frustrated with all the paper work and numbers which was just too much for our little heads. But we kept going.

The website finally went live in September 2015 and we we’re over the moon.

We soon realised, having a successful website, and large social media following doesn’t happen overnight. We had no money. No celebrity endorsements. No backing from investors and no one to advise us on the next steps. Getting the traffic to the website was the biggest challenge we faced.

The only thing which kept us going on many occasions was each other.

Slowly, our traffic increased, our social media presence increased, and the website began to pay for itself. This was a huge relief, which allowed us to take a breather and begin thinking about the next steps.

We needed to go global. It was essential, and we needed a .com name to do it. It took us 2 months of constant research into names, nothing was right for us. If you’ve ever tried to secure a .com name you will be fully aware of the costs involved in this, and we didn’t have the money. We needed a name which people would remember and a name which covered all the types of clothing available on the website. When we seen was for sale, we knew immediately this was the name. It was massively over our budget but we needed to take the plunge. Sink or swim. Purchasing is a decision I will never regret. Our first winter went much better than expected as we started selling to Australia and the USA, which I don’t feel we would have done with

We’re still growing, we’re still learning. BUT we own this website. So many hours of work, tears, laughter, fear, worry, meetings, questions and determination have been put into it. Every single second has been worth it.

Sisters are doing it for themselves




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Secret Garden Party 2017: the most serious party ever

Picture from Resident Advisor

Secret Garden Party has sadly closed its magical doors forever, but not before it threw an absolutely bananas final shindig

By: Emily Owen  Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Picture from Resident Advisor
Secret Garden Party 2017

It’s safe to say we’ve only (just about) recovered from the absolute enchanting madness that was Secret Garden Party. Two weekends ago, we saw about 60,000 revellers head to the rural Cambridgeshire village of Abbots Ripton for the last EVER Secret Garden Party. We have to admit, we were pretty emotional throughout the course of the weekend. This was because the Head Gardener and the rest of the crew pulled out all the stops to make the last festival completely extraordinary. Born in 2004 out of an unabashed love for music, Secret Garden Party has turned into something so unique. There will never be another festival quite like the spell bounding Secret Garden Party. In our opinion, nothing else compares.

Even a soggy, muddy Secret Garden Party couldn’t ruin the magical, hedonistic atmosphere. Mounds of saturated, sticky brown mud and lashings of rain did not stop attendees from having the wildest time. Only at Secret Garden Party could you find festival goers rolling around and wrestling in the mud in gleeful abandon. They were determined to have ALL the fun despite the horrid weather.

SGP 2017
The Great Stage at Secret Garden Party

A weekend of wonder and spectacle

The workers at the festival put in 150% into everything to make sure this was a memorable experience for everyone. Everywhere you walked around the site, you would find something weird, wacky and simply wonderful. This was to correlate with the theme, ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of These’. There were men on stilts dressed up as pugs and a giant fox dressed in a suit on a hill.  The waterlogged Colosiliyum complete with mad activities and music until the sun came up was a firm favourite. The festival’s art installations were beyond imaginative and visionary. Where else can you simply walk through a door into a field of around 1000 sunflowers?

Abundant with a throng of stages skilfully placed throughout the estate, you were never short of stumbling upon some great music. The Drop was home to fantastic sets from Jackmaster, B.Traits, Craig Richards and Eats Everything. The woodland stage Where the Wild Things are saw acts like Bonzai and Zak Abel take to the stage. Our favourite stage of them all was the pink Palais de Boob – the stage was literally one big boob. Free the nipple indeed. It’s a very upsetting fact to think that we will never see another act play on the Great Stage again, but Crystal Fighters, Metronomy and Toots and the Maytals were perfect final headliners.

SGP 2017
The Big Burn at SGP 2017

A vibrant and vivid adventure

At Secret Garden Party, the main selling point isn’t actually the music, it’s the outrageous goings on throughout the whole festival. It’s the Mermaid school down by a mini idyllic lake, the Little Gay Brother tent where absolutely anything goes (lingerie strictly encouraged), the notorious Sunday paint fight and being blessed by the wondrousness that is kale. Yep, you heard right. It’s even commonplace to see fellow attendees walking around in their birthday suits. Well, at least they saved money on outfits! Clever people.

We’re not afraid to admit that we almost very nearly cried during the Saturday night’s festivities. During an electric set from Jagwar Ma, we saw possibly the best and most magnetic fireworks show we have ever seen, followed by the famed ‘big burn’. The floating manor house stage in the middle of the lake exploded, caught fire and as it burned, a gigantic flaming heart emerged in the centre and carried on burning throughout the rest of the weekend. As they so aptly stated, ‘What will survive of us is love’.

We’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that Secret Garden Party is and will eternally be the greatest festival we have ever been to. RIP Secret Garden Party. You’ll forever be in our thoughts and memories.