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A Forest of Fantasy: Farr Festival 2017 review

Far Festival 2017

We took a trip to the eighth edition of the glittery, woodland haven of Farr Festival to see what all the fuss was about.

By: Emily Owen  Instragram: @theglitterygoose

Farr Festival 2017
© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now

Two weekends ago, we attended Hertfordshire’s hidden gem, Farr Festival. This growing boutique festival in Bygrave Woods exhibited a massive line-up and ranked high with other leading UK electronic music festivals. One thing that was completely palpable was the enthralling energy and enthusiastic spirit of festival goers. The inclusive attitude adopted by almost each and every single attendee made it such a special experience.  It was truly one that we will never forget. So much so, that even the dodgy and erratic sound systems could not mar the communal atmosphere.

Although there was a major problem with sound, the quality of the musical line-up outshone this. Honey Dijon even revolted against the volume levels, but it didn’t stop everyone from having fun. Stellar sets were performed by Floating Points, Omar-S, Detroit Swindle and Booka Shade. During these, revellers finally seemed to get into the groove to try to forget the less than satisfying sound levels.

Farr Festival 2017
© Photography by Jake Davis for Here & Now

A visual and aesthetic delight

The new Factory stage, complete with 52 shipping containers, did not disappoint. The stage homed acts such as Booka Shade, Bonzai and Mungo’s Hi-fi over the duration of the festival. It encased an all-embracing attitude you can only find at festivals where everyone is free to be themselves. On the Saturday night, SG Lewis and Andrew Hill stood in for the King of Scandinavian disco Todd Terje, who was two hours late. Albeit the lateness, he completely redeemed himself with a set suffused with many a synth and relentless enthusiasm.

Farr is visually and aesthetically pleasing, with beautiful and ambient stages hidden in such a picturesque location (The Hidden Palace was our favourite). We do feel that if Farr wants to truly make its mark on the electronic festival musical map, something seriously needs to be addressed with regards to the sound. Thank you Farr for an outstanding weekend, see you next year!

Farr Festival 2017
© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now
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Mermaid Gossip Lookbook

When we contacted Emily from she invited us with open arms into her new studio. This beautiful lady keeps us on trend with her amazing you tube videos and we instantly fell in love with her!

We came packed with sparkles and swimwear, assisted by a team of amazing ladies who always makes our shoots so fun and shiny.


The day began with sparkles being added by our lovely friends at Shine Shack, who applied their glitter and gems with their magic wands

Emily’s studio space was gorgeous. She’d put a lot of love and effort into making this space a reflection of her colourful personality. We loved her hot pink wall


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South West Four – Quick! Tickets are nearly sold out!

With only the last few tickets remaining for south west four, we’re confident it’s popularity this year can only mean it’s gonna be an event you wont want to miss!

Whether you’re an experienced festival goer, or looking for the perfect starter festival this ones for you. South West Four returns to Clapham Common for another weekend of unadulterated fun, and with this line up it’s the perfect summer festival for those who just fancy attending for the day, or for the whole weekend.

We love an inner city festival and this one is perfect for those living in the London area, who can simply get to the festival using the underground.

South West Four 2017 Line Up and event information



Saturday 26th August
Sunday 27th August


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Five short steps to Festival Fabulous: Secret Garden Party Outfit Guide

Secret Garden Party
Secret Garden Party
Photo from Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party goers – this one is for you! We’ve rounded up our favourite pieces to keep you looking fabulous, flamboyant and ferocious.

By: Emily Owen Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Are you heading to Secret Garden Party next month – the hedonistic haven of all things bizarre and magic? You lucky things! It’s the last one ever too so it has to be extra special. Just call us your fairy godmothers. It’s time to dig out your wellies and don the most fabulous outfit you can find. A lot of outfit guides will tell you that a simple shorts and a t-shirt combo, à la Alexa Chung, will suffice, but oh no not here at Wild Thing. This ensemble is something of a criminal offence to us. You all truly deserve to look your most extravagant, spectacular and kaleidoscopic selves and we’re at your service! At Wild Thing, the hyperbole is a way of life – we don’t do things by halves. Our motto is go vibrant or go home.

If you feel like you’re ready to throw the shorts and t-shirt culture away and dive deep into the flamboyant, fantastic festival ethic, then let us lead you the way. No festival attire is complete without a statement piece (or pieces) and we’ve got just the things for you to stand out and never let go of your wacky festival self. Trust us, you’ll absolutely love it.

House of Polly Mermaid Life Hat

Available on Wild Thing
House of Polly Mermaid Hat

If you’re about that mermaid life, look no further than House of Polly’s amazing ethereal hat designs all hand-made with love and magic. Each intricate design is different, but no less amazing, and will bring out the mermaid diva in you. Channel your inner Burning Man goddess with this wonderful eclectic design.

Kiki by Kiki Mermaid Jewelled Caplet

From Kiki by Kiki
Mermaid Caplet

It appears the mermaid theme is becoming a regular occurrence… The caplet comes with iridescent gems in the most beautiful pastel colours, all linked together with elaborate lavalieres. How could you not feel like a mermaid while adorning this masterpiece? Embellish with mounds and mounds of glitter on the chest area, and you’ll be feeling like an honorary mermaid in no time. Kiki by Kiki certainly have the glitter tits trend covered and what better place to show them off than Secret Garden Party?

Day by Day Reeeow Cheeky Bodysuit

Day by Day Label
Animal print bodysuit

Straight out of the Fantasia trend is the mesmerising, saccharine Day by Day bodysuit. With its fierce, yet sweet, animal-esque print, and vibrant pink fringe detail, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right out of the Willy Wonka factory. Super comfy and super colourful, you’ll be able to rock this all day without feeling irritated. Not to mention, you’ll look good enough to eat.

That New Label Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Available on Wild Thing
That New Label Bodysuit

Another wonder from the Fantasia trend is this holographic, colourful mesh bodysuit. A far cry from the short and t-shirt combo, and boy would you all look great enrobed in this statement piece. Dress it up or dress it down as you wish, but you’ll still be the life and soul of the party in this celestial bodysuit. A Secret Garden Party must-have.

Babydol Marshmallow Festival Kimono

Available on Wild Thing
Marshmallow kimono from Babydol

A kimono can take you from zero to fabulous in a matter of seconds, and the same can be said for Babydol’s cute, yet delicious, marshmallow kimono. Look and feel like a festival Queen and adorn this royal robe enough to make your subjects jealous with this dreamy piece with the most whimsical marabou trim. Siphon your inner flamingo nymph and pair with pink sequins to become the epitome of feminine glamour.

Practical? Sensible? Boring? These are foreign words to us. What do they even mean? A festival is one of the only chances where you can dress like a complete madman and get away with it, why not embrace that? Take a look at the website for plenty more festival trends, there’s something for everyone. Secret Garden Party won’t know what hit it. Don’t forget the glitter!

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Time to get excited for this year’s Farr Festival

Imaged sourced from Skiddle

So Farr Festival? What’s it actually all about? Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming electronic get together.

Image sourced from Stamp the Wax
Farr Festival

Some of you may not have heard of Farr Festival – the hedonistic gem located deep in the brush of Hertfordshire’s serene forests. Farr Festival, taking place from July 13-15, is now actually in its eighth year and is set to be even bigger and better than ever. The festival will showcase three new stages, including a brand new ‘super-size’ main stage boasting a capacity of 2,500. The Factory will play host to a number of top names in electronic music and we just can’t wait!

Farr has evolved from a small gathering of friends who simply enjoyed the same music, to a successful electronic event in an intimate location. The festival promises an eclectic experience that won’t disappoint. The three-day event has now become one of the UK’s most prominent electronic festivals. Previous acts include the likes of Ben UFO, John Talabot, Joy Orbison and Midland. Topping the bill this year involves a throng of iconic artists such as Todd Terje, Honey Dijon, Mano Le Tough and Floating Points who will all be taking to the stage.

Image sourced from Stamp the Wax
Farr Festival in full swing

Sanctuary of stimulation

If the dancing somehow becomes too much for you, there are an array of other activities to keep you endlessly entertained. Think complete rejuvenation for the long nights ahead with relaxing yoga, massages, meditation and hot tubs with prosecco. If the thought of prosecco in a hot tub doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.

The creators of Farr have consistently been praised for the size, intimacy and vibes of the festival. They have recently stated they have been tirelessly working to turn each stage into a piece of art. Come on people, it’s time to don the most sparkly outfit you can find, and dance until the sun comes up. Who’s going to be joining us?

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out just yet! There’s still time to snap up a ticket on the website, and for those prices, who could resist?

Tickets available here.

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A weird and whimsical wonder: Blissfields Festival 2017

In an homage to all things bizarre, Blissfields certainly delivered a festival of fun, fantasy and the fabulous.

By: Emily Owen  Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Outfit from Wild Thing
Outfit from Wild Thing

With an ethos that prides itself on creating fun for all ages, Blissfields states that it is the smallest big festival. Too small to get lost, but big enough to actually enjoy music at different stages and not get sound clashes. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Well done guys. The intimacy of the setting made the festival feel so homely and familiar, whilst also providing a glimpse into the unfamiliar and unknown.

Only at Blissfields could you find a stage on a beach, with actual sand, lifeguards and a boat with children dancing to house music at the stage’s feet. Yes, it truly was a bizarre experience, but that’s what made it so great – to see people of all ages really appreciating the music and atmosphere. Let’s not even get started on the food… The melting pot of different cuisines and cultures really contributed to a refreshing and ultimately delicious experience. The pizza? Absolute heaven on earth. I can’t actually remember the name of the pizza stand, but it was tasty enough to have garnered at least three visits from me over the course of the weekend. It’s true what they say. Italians truly do make the best pizza. Mouths are watering just at the thought of it mmm.

Being sparkly at Blissfields 2017
Jacket from Bottle Blonde Studio at Wild Thing

A musical haven

With the blazing sun burning up above, it was difficult not to boogie along to some of our favourite acts. With headlining slots from the Cinematic Orchestra and Metronomy, the musical talent was far from sporadic. DJ Luck and MC Neat made a rare appearance, and god did the crowd go wild to a set abundant with old school garage bangers and modern tunes alike.

But it’s not just the music at the heart of this festival, there are so many other things going on around it. Blissfields is a place that encourages expression of the imagination, cultural exploration and self-discovery. With an amalgamation of headdress workshops, and science talks, Blissfields showcased a mix of all things weird and wonderful. There aren’t many other places that you could find sock wrestling.

As I’ve said before, it’s so fantastic to see people going all out at festivals. Whether that be dressing head to toe in glitter, (why can’t that be acceptable in normal life we ask?), or completely dousing yourself with colourful paint. I really believe that festivals are places where people can sincerely be themselves. I mean, we’re all sparkly mermaid queens at heart, right?

Blissfields Lookbook 2017

Being sparkly at Blissfields 2017
Wonder Woman leotard from LadyJane Bristol at Wild Thing
Bag and headpiece from Beksie's Boutique
Space girl leotard from That New Label at Wild Thing
Headpiece and bag from Beksie's Boutique
Leotard from Day by Day at Wild Thing
Bag from Beksie's Boutique
Jacket from Bottle Blonde, two piece from Sea Dragon Studio at Wild Thing