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Copycat clothing: what it really means for independent brands

Gucci copied independent designer
Independent designer copied by Gucci
Picture from Hypebeast

Have you ever been to a fast-fashion retailer and found similar (copycat) clothing to designs from your favourite independent brands? Well, that’s no coincidence nor accident.

By: Emily Owen Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Fast-fashion retailers are continuously relying on consumers not caring if ‘inspiration’ has been taken from smaller brands, and are outright swindling designs from companies that aren’t large enough to be able to fight back.

Sadly, we live in a world where profit makes the world go round and this leaves independent brands vulnerable to larger companies stealing designs. Fast-fashion retailers are notorious for this – it’s not the first we’re hearing of it and it needs to stop. Stealing a design (or designs) from smaller companies who have worked their asses off to create their own image, brand and style is not only wrong, it’s criminal. Should we really care if a designer’s ideas have been robbed? Of course we should. The reason being that at the end of the day, it’s not just their designs being poached. Ultimately their livelihoods that have been swiped. Fashion companies, who are too lazy to find their own inspiration, are violating endless days of hard work and grafting.

One of the most infamous companies in the market known for creating copycats is Chinese retailer Alibaba. Profiting from the sale of knock-offs, Alibaba have stated that copycat goods are of better quality than the originals. Um okay then… The company was even suspended from the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition over fears it was profiting from selling stolen designs. But how do you stop such an enormous company from continuing to sell knock-offs? Some fear that there is no real solution when dealing with companies of such economic significance – their input into the economy is simply too great to be halted. Many brands, such as Kering, have resorted to filing lawsuits in hope that their creative process will be recognised and justice will be served.

Fast-fashion cloning

Most recently in the press, luxury label Gucci have been accused of copying not one, but two different designer’s ideas. Two graphic designers have claimed that the Italian fashion house stole their logos for its recent Cruise 2018 collection. Artist Stuart Smythe stated that Gucci had copied a design of his from 2014. He recently posted on Instagram that Gucci “has copied not only the combination of elements together that create this logo, but when I overlay my snake illustration on top of the copy, the scales even line up perfectly.” Below is a comparison of the two designs (original is on the left). What do you think?

Gucci copied independent designer
Picture from Hypebeast

At the end of day, it’s not only taking legal action that will serve justice. More and more companies are posting pictures of the original design and copycats side by side, allowing the copycat brands to be shamed publicly on social media. This then damages the company’s image and integrity. It may not be the same as having the counterfeit designs recalled, but it must be worth something to the designer. Worth something to know that consumers are ultimately standing up for what’s right and standing by original ideas.

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Glastonbury Festival Look Book

We had our wonderful wild thing girls running around glastonbury festival spreading the love

PRODUCTS (come back for non linked items – they’re currently being added)

Rainbow Tinsel Jacket // Holographic halterneck body // Green Sequin Hotpants // Rainbow Fluffy Bra // Rainbow Sequin Kimono // Long fringe Mamadoux body // Unicorn Fringe bumbag // pastel rainbow flares // Psychedelic rainbow cross over crop top


harlequin hotpants // rainbow circle crop top // circle bikini top


Studio 54 tinsel bikini top // harlequin sequin shorts  // Rainbow circle crop top  // EOS reversible 2 piece

Holographic body // Long Fringe BumBag // EOS matching swimwear Co-Ord

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Festival Frolicking: Love Saves the Day 2017

What better way to dive headfirst into the festival season than with none other than Bristol’s very own Love Saves the Day?

Don’t you just wish that festival season was endless and that you could make them your home? Well, that’s how we feel about Love Saves the Day every single year. Take us back, to frolicking in the sun and dancing to groovy disco. To covering ourselves in so much glitter that it’s somehow still stuck to our skin five days later. Take us back to dressing as magical festival fairies wearing the most shiny, colourful outfits possible. The list doesn’t end there. Festivals are truly a haven of wonderful inclusivity, love and great music and this is why we love them so much.

Love Saves the Day is the perfect representation of a festival that implements a no-judging policy where absolutely ANYTHING goes. We witnessed people dressed as giant glittery hearts, to attendees soaked in glitter. It really is possible that festivals might be the greatest place on earth. Do you ever feel like you’re in an enchanting realm and the outside world just ceases to exist when you’re at a festival? We do and it’s simply wonderful.

Love and fashion saves all

Bristol is the gift that keeps on giving. From showcasing homegrown talent to the likes of Little Dragon, Kano and Fat Freddy’s Drop, Love Saves the Day had it all. With perfect weather circulating the atmosphere above us, we saw no better reason than to shimmy and strut our stuff until the sun went down. Well, and quite a while afterwards… The Arcadia Afterburner was truly something special. Did anyone see Ricardo Villalobos’s set with Craig Richards? What a man. Or men for that matter…

What we love most about festivals is that anyone and everyone is encouraged to dress as madly as they desire. It’s so great to see people so colourful, sparkly, shimmery and downright outrageous, donning outfits that no one would dare to wear on the street. People are also way nicer at festivals too, it’s the unspoken truth. It’s as if we’re all one big dysfunctional, rainbow family reunited by our love for music, fashion and culture.

Love did truly save the day this year. Again.




L.O.M is fast becoming an iconic festival piece and is recognisable usually from its arm fringing and beautiful bright prints.


Kiki creates beautiful bralettes and tops which are handmade using beautiful gems and jewels


Mamadoux outfits certainly stand out from the crowd – the rave suit, with its rainbow fringing looked stunning on our girl Emily as she danced the night away


Loonigans have a stunning collection of outfits made from flip colour sequins. The best thing is, each piece is made to order and you can pick your favourite style piece and have it made in 2 different sequin colour choices!