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Flovibe Festival – get 20% off your 2017 tickets

Get ready to have an exhilarating weekend of wellness and partying

FloVibe Festival – 2nd – 4th June 2017

Our pals at FloVibe Festival have kindly offered a 20% discount code (FFY20) on weekender tickets to a “retreat meets festival” at the start of summer.

For further info please go to

Spellbinding live music and International DJs, lakeside revelry, boutique camping and treatments in the woods. Discover a world of Wellness, try a variety of Yoga workshops with leading International teachers, Pilates, Core Belief and Fit HIIT classes, alongside dance & movement workshops.

Is this festival for you?

A weekend to dip into yoga masterclasses, dance and movement workshops, lakeside revelry and treatments in the woods. When twilight comes, get your groove on and let your spirit soar to spellbinding musicians and international DJs.

A team of movers and shakers came together to create FloVibe for like minded people. Born out of a desire to be wild and live well, to create empowerment through mindful movement and nourishment from the inside out. An open-hearted weekend of indulging your inner child at the start of the summer, a place to reconnect with yourself and others.

FloVibe is about discovery, designed to nourish and re-energise mind, body and soul, without a week of recovery. We’re a ‘hybrid festival’ because we believe life is all about balance, you’ll get to experience all the benefits of mindful living in a festival setting far away from city life. We believe that to be truly well we need to be in it together. This festival is for everyone, bringing people together to rest and play, side by side. Bring the family with you, there will be kids yoga, storytelling, crafts and games for them to enjoy.

An experience of sweat and serenity to suit all levels and tastes.

A message from our friend and FloVibe founder, Jason Pooley. “We’re a ‘hybrid festival’ because we believe life is all about balance. You will get to experience all the benefits of mindful living in a festival setting away from the busyness of life. When you want to stop and pause, you can dip into fantastic Meditation and Mindfulness workshops, alternatively there will be awesome live bands and DJs to keep the FloVibe party flowing.

This festival is for everyone, connecting people together, so bring the family with you. There will be fun kids yoga, meditation & mindfulness classes, outdoor cinema, storytelling, crafts and games for them to enjoy.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you can choose from a selection of delicious, wholesome food. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat-lover, our amazing traders will cater for all”.

Go check out what FloVibe Festival is all about at – we can’t wait to see you lakeside!

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Eight catsuit wonders guaranteed to turn heads and stop hearts

Did someone say catsuit? Follow our must-have guide to looking like a festival queen

By: Emily Owen  Instagram: @theglitterygoose

Whether it’s a unitard, catsuit, leotard or whatever you want to call them, the list goes on and on. Who doesn’t love an all-in-one? We certainly do! They are super flattering, and as you can guess, we are partial to a bit of sparkle. Our motto? The more the merrier.

Not only will these catsuits they make you look like a magical festival empress, but they will also leave you oozing confidence. Figure-hugging streamlined shapes and bucket loads of fearlessness guaranteed and all included in the price, so there’s definitely no excuse not to grab yourself a shimmering bargain. We’re predicting hordes of catsuit-clad fashionistas this festival season, and catch us in action adorned in some of our favourite designs this summer.

If you’re reading this with a slight grimace and you think your style is more inconspicuous than happily haphazard, have no fear, we’ve still got you covered because everyone deserves to look absolutely fabulous during festival season.

Channel your inner festival queen (or king) with eight of our favourite all-in-one pieces shown below.

Tirade 13 Silver Disco Mermaid Catsuit

The magic is all in the description. Silver? Disco? Mermaid? Three of our favourite things combined in one whole lustrous, opalescent piece of art so can we get a hell yeah? HELL YEAH. This dreamy holographic material and low cut back by Tirade 13 will have you wowing the crowds in no time.

LOM Fringed Lycra Festival Bodysuit

Hailing from the bestselling collection ‘Folklorico’, this impressively beautiful fringe bodysuit proves how designer Louise O’Mahony never seems to put a foot wrong. The intricate floral pattern designed by the woman herself, and a vibrant neon trim makes this the ultimate style steal.

Wolf Rayet London Glitch Print Catsuit

With an eye-catching trippy pattern that is so vivid I’m pretty sure no one will be able to turn their heads away from this piece, Wolf Rayet London certainly deliver with a unique unitard that’s definitely guaranteed to be remembered. Rainbow queens, this one’s for you.

Sea Dragon Studio Retro Holographic Bodysuit

I’m not sure I can find the right words to describe this sublimely-cut treasure. Every girl should have one of these in their wardrobe for their go-to festival showstopper. It can be dressed up; it can be dressed down – there are truly no limits. Team with a sequinned military hat, endless amounts of glitter and an iridescent kimono and you’re sorted. Can I have one please?

Babydol Eat Glitter High Rise Leotard

Sassy, colourful and simply stunning – this leotard by the talented Babydol designer Megan Wyatt has ALL the boxes ticked. Even if you’re not feeling brave enough to bare all, pair with some sequin shorts and you’ll still be a standout.

That New Label Flare Catsuit <3 UV Rainbow

Jaw dropping does not even cover how amazingly remarkable this flare catsuit is. Serious clothing lust happening right now and if you’re planning on being a kaleidoscopic UV angel this festival season, I suggest you get on this right away.

Harmonia Costumes Illusion Futuristic Catsuit

Stop whatever you’re doing right now, this catsuit demands your attention. Adorned with a gazillion little mirrors, this catsuit has got what it takes to take you to another dimension this summer. If intergalactic space babe is your vibe, let this fabulous all-in-one satisfy your celestial needs.

Mama Doux Fringed Ravesuit

This outstanding rainbow specimen was well-loved by all the cool kids at Coachella this year and can we blame them? Definitely not. This ravesuit does exactly what it says on the tin and Mama Doux deliver again and again. When we look at the wondrous slice of rainbow pie in front of us, we can’t help but drool a little.

The list is endless and we have even more favourites teeming with eccentricity, but we’d be here all day. Take a look at the other spectacular pieces on the website and click on ‘Catsuits & Jumpsuits’. Experimenting encouraged.

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Into the Wild – An Intimate Music Festival in the picturesque Buckinghamshire countryside

Into The Wild is an intimate music festival set in the stunning English countryside just an hour north of London. The site is on a secluded estate situated between a picturesque lake and forest, and it brings together some amazing artists, bands and DJs to make one big weekend long party in a beautiful location with the best in music, food & drink!

Use WILD2017 at the checkout for a 10% discount on weekend tickets.

Into the wild festival line up

The festival site opens at 3pm Friday and closes at 3pm Sunday, but the main gates will be automatically locked from 9pm – 8am so try not to arrive between these times as you may have to wait until someone is available to let you on to site.

If you wish to bring a car then please remember The to buy a Parking Pass. These are just £5 and space is quite limited so we advise you to get these in advance – there may not be any left on site.


General admission tickets cost:

£42.79 – £67.79

Tickets for Into The Wild can be purchased from the following operators:

Ticket Tailor – Use WILD2017 at the checkout for a 10% discount on weekend tickets


For further information, please check out

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So is fashion *really* that important? Yes, of course it is

Ashish fashion AW17

When you think fashion, do you think vapid, superficial, vain? Think again.

By: Emily Owen  Instagram: @theglitterygoose

I know there are many people out there who just don’t understand the concept of fashion. I don’t mean that in a callous way. Some people don’t see the beauty of the fashion industry. It plays such an important role in not only establishing identity, but spreading messages of inclusivity, unity and diversity.

I’ve met a lot of people who attribute fashion with absolutely no merit at all. In fact, I’ve heard people describing the industry as plain supercilious. For all your criticizers out there – you are wrong. I’ve spent a lot of my life convincing others that I can still be smart and read fashion magazines religiously. Fashion, to me, is a sort of community where art and love and culture and knowledge can thrive with no judgements. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? There’s no point in getting angry at these people because they just need to be shown that fashion’s beauty is not only external, but internal too.

Ashish fashion SS17
Ashish SS17 – image courtesy of ID

In my opinion, fashion has never been about vapidity or superficiality. Fashion is a wonderful introspective reflection of the human psyche. It’s something to be celebrated and praised, not knocked and castigated. We’re all human and fashion gives us all the opportunity to mould our own personalities, our creativity and lets us establish who we are to the world. From what I’ve seen, fashion is one of the only industry that truly and wholly accepts people for who they are.

Fashion can be many things; simply from being something you choose to wear to make yourself feel beautiful, or something timeless – like a piece of transformative art that reflects different cultures. It can also convey many different and important political messages. It truly is a dynamic industry which offers a variety of meanings to different people and it doesn’t stop there.

Celebrating diversity in fashion

Let’s take a look at the beautiful, rainbow-adorned Ashish AW17 collection. Here, a true example of how the fashion industry is wholeheartedly embracing change and encouraging diversity.

With a thought-provoking, emotionally-charged and sparkling collection brimming with sequins and poignancy, I’d say that Ashish achieved what they set out to do. With much of the clothing bearing positive messages, such as ‘As Often As Possible Be Polite and Kind’ and ‘Love Sees No Colour’, the whole collection was a beautiful symbol of togetherness and being able to unite in times of adversity. Seeing a fashion label taking a public and political stance and championing diversity was so refreshing and re-established the fact that fashion is as wonderful and valuable as I originally thought.

Ashish fashion AW17
Image courtesy of Mitchell Sams

Head Designer at Prada and founder of Miu Miu, the esteemed Miuccia Prada stated:

“Fashion is the first step out of poverty. You have nothing and then you put something on. It is one of the first things you do to elevate yourself. … Why are people scandalized by spending money on clothes? Everybody is so passionate about this — there’s a resistance to fashion — an idea that to love fashion is to be stupid. Clothes are very intimate. When you get dressed, you are making public your idea about yourself, and I think that embarrasses people.”

So before you judge, please remember that fashion is not a one-dimensional, insipid industry – it’s a remarkable place where people can unite in love and diversity. It’s a place where we can celebrate each other and it can provide emotional shelter and refuge in times of turmoil and resistance. Trust me on this, fashion is way more important than you think it is. All you need to do is give it a chance.

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AMP Lost and Found Malta 2017



By Katie Hobbs

insta @katie_hobbs_

Would I go back to lost and found? Absolutely!

Annie Mac Presents lost and found is the perfect way to kick off festival season. As long as you book early, flights and acommodation are reasonably priced, and standard tickets this year were under £100.

Whilst the weather was still slightly iffy with high winds and cold nights, we were fortunate enough to have beautiful sunny says alongside the pool parties.

The festival itself is on the evenings in the middle of the island. You WILL need to catch taxis or arrange to use the coaches. For me and my friend, each way was 40Euros so it can be quite costly getting too and from the festival, so i would recommend using the coach service provided, or taxi share.

Lost and Found is an EDM lovers dream, with music pumping day and night, you’re struggle to sleep without FOMO kicking in.

Malta is such a beautiful Island, i would suggest going for a few days before or after to try and fit in some site-seeing if you can. The island itself is the most I’ve ever felt to a home away from home, with English Plug sockets, English signs, and cars being on the left side of the road.


Festival Fashion Look Book

Shop any of these looks by clicking the images below