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Preparing for Bestival

Preparing for Bestival

By Lauren Hobbs

Photo credit: Victor Frankowski
Photo credit: Victor Frankowski

Bestival ….. it’s always been on my to do list, every year I say I’m going to go but somehow I’ve never made it! This year is going to be the year, I will finally break my Bestival virginity and I can’t wait!

For those of you out there like me who haven’t been to Bestival before it’s a 4 day festival set in a beautiful leafy park on the Isle of Wight, it’s famous for having an eclectic line up with every genre of music represented across the various stages and for having the craziest fashion and fancy dress around!

The thing that Bestival is most well-known for is having a different fun, loud and often extravagant theme each year. The theme of this years festival has been announced as ‘The Future’ which has got my blood pumping and brain whizzing thinking about outfits. All I can think about is dressing up like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element and riding around the festival on a hoverboard from Back To The Future 2! I can’t wait to start playing with sequins, iridescent fabrics and abstract accessories, to help you get started with your own Bestival future fashion look I’ve put together a great selection of clothing from Festival Fashion that will work brilliantly with the theme. CLICK HERE 

Photo credit: Caitlin Mogridge
Photo credit: Caitlin Mogridge


As well as the amazing festival fashion on display there’s some music going on over the weekend! Whether it’s the electronic sound of Major Lazer and Hot Chip, grimey hip hop from Whiz Khalifa, Wiley and Goldie, indie pop by Bastille and Years and Years, or the more rocky sound of The Cure and Wolf Alice, whatever type of music you love Bestival has you covered. It’s not all about the music at Bestival though. There is an incredible range of other amazing (and occasionally slightly crazy!) activities to get involved with. For example you could do a workout with Mr Motivator, learn about falconry at the bird sanctuary, checkout a circus show, marvel at Lucha Libre wrestlers or have a hop around on the world’s biggest bouncy castle!

bestival 3
Photo credit: Victor Frankowski

Other Bits

Bestival is located on the Isle of Wight, for those of traveling over from the main land the ports of Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington are a short ferry trip away. Just make sure you pre-book your ferry trip to get the best prices and choices of crossing times. The festival car park opens at 9am Thursday 8th September with the campsite opening at midday. Most people who go to Bestival camp in the main campsites, just turn up pitch your tent and enjoy your weekend. There are however other areas, such as Boutique Camping, to stay at an additional charge.

bestival 4
Photo credit: Dan Dennison

So.. Without a shadow of a doubt Bestival 2016 is not one to be missed, below is the links to purchase your Bestival tickets and more information on Bestival.

See you in the field.


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Platforms to the Sky and Back

By: Victoria Patterson
Whether you’re goth, an alien star child, sophisticated fashionista or magical rainbow hippy, there is a fascination with platform shoes.  Is it the desire to tower over the world like the gorgeous models that grace our magazines? Or perhaps to give an ironic eye-catching fashion punch as you stroll down the streets? Whatever it is we love them and need them in our lives! (Even if it is a sure fire way to topple over and sprain an ankle.)
 mac jacobs
Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear
Photo: Alessandro Garofalo /
Platforms are nothing new, from stilettos walking into the lives of post WWII women, to the towering platform boots of the 70`s and now the return of the 90’s with the statement “Spice Girls” platform trainers, Welcome back 90’s! We missed you! I know I’ve longed for the chance to wear my towering 70`s boots, for the mere chance to glide up in the clouds and be the model stature I`ve always longed to be! From Harajuku girls in Tokyo to the closets of ravers and festival-goers this is a cyclical style that is never gone for too long.
Spice Girls
One of the wonderful things about this fashion statement is its diversity.  Marc Jacobs last fall was overrun with vamp-goth-couture sky high boots that nearly stole the show, with possibly only Lady Gaga thinking they could possibly be higher.  To the sophistication of Stella McCartney with her Elyse shoes.  Then we have the amazing selection at Dolls Kill from holographic rainbows, to clear glitter “flatforms” packed with all kinds of magical goodies. We are literally watering at the mouth for these bold statement pieces, and with all this selection we are struggling to choose.
Dolls Kill
Photo: (collage by Victoria Patterson)
Although this trend has been around the block a few times, there is great reason to update those heavy old trucker clunkers of a shoe.  With a new era comes a new sense of lightness and wearability, which will be sure to keep you soaring above the clouds.  Here are a few happy reminders from the best of the best in shoe sophistication. Jimmy Choo says “Keep it proportionate, pair platform soles with “Skinny pants, ankle lengths, or a sharp, slick silhouette could all be a part of the look.” Sandra Choi says to “Glide Gracefully” and she insists practice makes perfect. And practice we shall because, with this sense of new-found stature comes a very real chance of thumping around like an elephant.  “Don’t feel like you’re walking on stilts”. said Edgardo Osorio, the designer behind shoe brand Aquazzura.   He cautioned if your shoes are too high its hard to exude grace. Kari Molvar with the Wallstreet journal writes “A good rule of thumb is: the higher the heel, the longer the hem.” Mini skirts and shorter hems will look even shorter with the extra height given by these shoes. So try pairing longer flowy outfits like those harem pants you have stashed away or long (sometimes frumpy maxi dresses) with these fashion forward statement shoes to bring a new life and refreshing “pow” to your comfy dumpy clothes.
Although we are a generation run by nostalgia, the world does seem to evolve in its own way. We have stepped away from the Spice Girls’ clunky near-death platform trainers to a slightly more modest approach, leaving us a little more likely to glide down the streets with a new found confidence. (Although I am running to the store for my rainbow sky high pair) We have the options and it’s up to you to find your perfect pair.
Photo: (clockwise from top left) /
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The EDC experience


By Katie Hobbs

Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world.  Last year I turned down an opportunity to attend EDC Vegas, and the FOMO (fear of missing out) I had whilst watching my friends upload photos and videos to Facebook was unbearable.  This year EDC UK invited to come along and experience their 1 day festival in the land of magical roundabouts – Milton Keynes. We jumped at the chance to attend and couldn’t wait to see what the Electric Daisy Carnival has to offer!

Earlier this year Avicii announced he was going to retire and one of his last performances was to be at EDC Milton Keynes. Whilst this news saddened me, I was glad of the opportunity to see him one last time. I seen Avicii perform last year at Ultra Music Miami, and his skills whilst on stage are out of this world. I have always had a love for EDM (electric dance music). It has always had a special place in my heart, and whilst my music tastes have changed over the years, I couldn’t wait to see the likes of Sigma, Martin Garrix and Axwell Ingrosso.

Getting there

EDC UK is held in Milton Keynes, and coming from Bristol, we had an easy 2 hour drive and encountered next to no traffic. Apart from our lack of common sense on how to access the car park, we found the experience easy and stress free! I was planning on drinking, but if you wanted to stay the night, you can pre-book camping. Luckily for me, I had a designated driver.

The Experience and Festival

Milton Keynes Bowl is a great venue. The main stage KineticFIELD is set down into the hill so you can sit back and relax and watch the party below. With its awesome stage complete with Waterfalls and the all-seeing Owl, it’s one of the most iconic and recognisable stages in the Festival world. The VIP area was set in the center of the KineticFIELD. Entry into the VIP area will allow you access to a chill out area, bar (with more drink options like cocktails) and a raised platform to view the Performances and festival-goers from up-above. Complete with fairground rides, insane sound system and atmosphere, this one day festival isn’t one to be missed. Around the back of the main arena there is a walkway with plenty of bars, places to eat and toilets. More on that below. Next to the main arena, is 2 more stages, the CircuitGROUNDs and NeonGARDEN.

One thing that striked me about this festival was how chilled out it was. Along with the traditional expectations of an EDM festival I was half expecting the crowd to be hard hitting and floating in the clouds with the unicorns and fairies, but, everyone I spoke to was so level headed and friendly. I didn’t see one fight, and everyone queued like adults. In fact, I did feel that the crowd was a little bit more mature than some festivals I’ve been too recently. I prefer it that way.  Everyone has a bit more respect for each other and there isn’t to much pushing and shoving. I don’t even recall seeing a drink being thrown into the crowd. I felt quite relaxed and safe.

The Music

If you’re an EDM lover, this place is for you. The line up is full of well known DJ’s and artists. Don’t expect any live bands here. The DJ’s here are upbeat and gets the crowd dancing, and when you’re ready to take a break you can sit back on the hill and take in the view.  With lots of the Artists playing having well known releases and some with vocals, you really feel connected with the festival and the people around you.  When the sun went down Avicii started his set.  The light show was breathtaking, and just watching Avicii alone in my opinion was well worth the journey and money to go. The festival finished with an impressive firework display, and i was sad to see the day end.

The Toilets

With the bladder of someone who has to go every 15 minutes, the toilets at this venue were fantastic. Toilets are my festival pet hate. I hate waiting. I hate dirty toilets. I hate having to walk far. EDC had plenty of toilets scattered all over the site, and they all seamed very clean with most having toilet roll! Very impressed.

Drink & Drugs

As you enter the site you are greeted by sniffer dogs. I also spotted a few around the site too. Your bags are searched whilst entering the site, so taking drink in with you isn’t really an option. There are numerous bars serving alcohol, and plenty of water points for you to use if you’re getting dehydrated.

Alcohol is as expected – rather expensive. Expect to pay around £6 for a small wine, £6 for a vodka/rum mixer and £5 for a beer/cider. Quite an expensive day out if you intended on getting a bit merry.


Quite impressed with the food. There was a good variety of stands and I settled on a hotdog for lunch and Chinese later on. Prices we’re quite reasonable, around £7 a meal, and rather tasty. There wasn’t anywhere to sit and eat from memory, but the weather was good so we we’re able to chill on the grass.



I had high expectations for the fashion at EDC UK. After seeing photos of EDC Vegas I was expecting more of a “rave” fashion to follow suit. I was wrong.  Long gone are the days where you would see neon tutus, leg warmers and brightly coloured beads – that was so 90’s. (Sorry USA, we moved on from this a while back. What we’ve been left with is the uber-cool fashion which is trending the UK festival scene. Shorts, bodies, and loose kimono’s seemed to dominate this festival. However there were still a few which represented a new era of rave, which consists of amazing brightly coloured prints and fancy dress. Here are our favourites.


This co-ord/separate set is by Lourde London. I received so many compliments from girls and boys alike and is definitely a head-turner! This set was comfortable to wear and (most important to me when it comes to festivals) easy to get off in a festival toilet rush. I literally felt… ahem… out-of-this-world.

This can be purchased here:


STAR CROP TOP – £29.00



fashion-5 fashion-3 fashion-2 fashion-1 fashion-5 fashion-6


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Brownstock Music Festival 2016

By Anne-Marie Wardle Rosher


Brownstock is often referred to as the UK’s best small music festival and now we can see why!

This year the festival had its 12th Birthday and ran from 8th July – 11th July 2016 at Morris Farm in Essex, while opening its gates to over 6,000 keen festival goers. It was the first time we had attended, and it definitely lived up to expectations and was certainly worth the three and a half hour drive each way! The buzzing atmosphere and quirky touches made an unforgettable weekend.


The festival is comprised of 6 stages, therefore ensuring that Essex is firmly on the festival map! It also means there is something for everyone, no matter what sort of music you’re into. The Stumble Inn plays strictly house music only compared to The Good Shed for example which welcomes some of the best drum and bass DJs in the world, such as Crissy Criss and Drumsound & Bassline Smith. The Main Stage is found further through the festival grounds with one of the best sound systems we have ever heard! Tinie Tempah headlined on Saturday night with an incredible set, as well as Lady Leshuur on Sunday and Mark Ronson on Friday along with a huge array of famous musicians throughout the weekend. For early risers BSTK is great as the music starts at 11:00am everyday going all the way through to 2:00am, so there is no excuse to be sat at your tent! One of the highlights for us was also the silent disco and paint party; we believe it’s these extras which set BSTK apart from other festivals. We also had a whale of a time dancing to some all-time classics played at the Treehouse such as Biggie Smalls and Missy Elliot.



Throughout the festival grounds there were endless food shacks selling some of the best smelling food ever. Whether your taste buds were craving something sweet, savoury, sour or alcoholic you were catered for. The food stalls covered an array of things including candy floss, aromatic curry, stone baked pizza and delicious cheesy chips. For those feeling brave, ostrich burgers were even on offer! Personally we were a fan of the creamy mash and gravy, and the scrumptious maple syrup hot waffles. Unlike some other festivals that we have been to the bar at BSTK was a great surprise, it was hugeeeeee, which consequently meant there were no queues so buying alcohol between music sets couldn’t have been any easier. We would also highly recommend bringing your own portable camping stove so that you can cook eggs and bacon in the morning – yum!



We were happy to see that BSTK had supplied a great number of portaloos, again also meaning that there were no queues of desperate festival goers. The VIP toilets were even nicer than ours at home, and they were always stocked up with toilet roll. The campsite was split up into family camping, general camping and VIP camping, which was great as you could get a general idea of what to expect, regarding the level of noise and litter. We did get to the festival at around 4:00pm on Friday, and considering the gates opened at 12:00 midday we found it a little difficult to find a suitable space, but that was most likely our fault, so we would recommend getting there early. The festival was easy to navigate your way around and the paths were lit up with lights once it got dark, which made such a big difference compared to trying to find your tent in the pitch black and tripping over endless guide ropes. There were also water points scattered throughout, which is a much cheaper way than being forced into buying bottled water. By Sunday the campsite was pretty messy but what else do you expect when you go to a festival these days?! – and in a weird way it even added to the atmosphere. In areas such as the car park and the festival grounds there were workers constantly keeping it clean which was lovely to see. There was also a selection of fairground rides pumping out music, such as The Waltzers and Oxygen (only for the brave!). Whenever we wanted a break from dancing there were plenty of places to sit back and relax, there were bales of hay scattered around and benches as well as a big circle of banana hammocks – although you were lucky to find a free one!




As true festival fashion lovers ourselves we were constantly on the lookout for cool and wacky outfits, and there were definitely some around. We firmly believe that fashion is such an important element of any festival and that you can never have too many sparkles, sequins or funky patterns. For the latest festival trends and for some of the best UK independent festival fashion brands check out our website and social media pages below!

Website –

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This guy most certainly wanted to stand out from the crowd!
Anne-Marie pairing a retro bomber jacket with a light pink Burberry styled dress!
Anne-Marie pairing a retro bomber jacket with a light pink Burberry styled dress!



















Festival Faces Group

Glitter is a big thing at BSTK and Festival Faces Group were sure to satisfy everyone’s needs, including makeup, massages, face painting, hair and glitter – what more could you wish for?! Festival Faces Group is made up of a fantastic professionally trained team who can make anyone sparkle. It was started by Hannah in 2009 and since then their services have spread and they have worked with big brands on bespoke projects such as Google, Channel 4 and Tesco! As well as being able to come to your own home they are also often found at places including festivals across the country, birthdays and hen parties, so keep your eyes peeled! The team are all so friendly and have the best imagination, so even if you’re struggling to think of a design yourself they will always be able to come up with a show stopper! On Friday Rosie Enright and Sophie Glew made our faces sparkle with petals and glitter and also added our requested Eat Brain drum and bass logo as well. We were over the moon with the end result, their tent really was a heaven for any festival lover and we highly recommend checking out their website and social media pages below or contacting them on 07833045588 for any general enquiries.

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram –

A group photo with Sophie and Rosie in front of their Festival Faces Group Tent!




We love love love this glitter beard!

We really did have an unforgettable weekend; we can’t believe how cheap the tickets are for what you get in return, it’s an absolute bargain! So make sure to follow BSTK Festival on social media to keep updated with all of the latest information and professional photos from this year’s festival.

BSTK 2017 weekend camping tickets are already on sale now via the official website, for just £79 or a payment play of £8.18 per month, secure yours now before you forget.


Have a great summer!


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