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Street Style : Love Saves The Day

What had been forecasted as a weekend of rain, thunder and wellies turned out to be a glamorous weekend of sunshine, sunglasses and sequins. This weekend marked the unofficial start to the UK summer with the first festivals of the season, so the Festival Fashion crew got out their glitter and headed over to Love Saves The Day festival. With Boho babes and sparkly unicorns LSTD is as much about the fashion as the music, below are some of our favourite looks from the festival.


I spotted these two beauties after being in the Festival only 15 minuets, we love their look. Not only do we love the outfits, but they have accessorised appropriately.  Nice one Girls.


Don’t these ladies look fab?! Not only do their outfits look great, their outfits are fantastically coordinated. Also, who doesn’t love glitter roots?!


Well well well… this look is creative, sassy and fabulous. Nothing screams festival fashion more then this, after all, it’s all about having fun.


These space men were seen running around the festival fighting other spacemen so I couldn’t resist putting them in our blog.

You can never be wearing too many sequins and this mega babe is proving this. Keep sparkling superstar.


I am a big fan of @thefabulusofunicorns, so I was very happy to see them at Love Saves the Day. These sparky super stars always look so incredible! Make sure you keep an eye out for them during Festival Season.

We were lucky enough to do a Photoshoot at loves saves the day Festival! The weather and atmosphere was the perfect recipe. So we would love to share a few photos from the shoot with you.


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Thank you for reading our blog, for more reviews and information about Love Saves the Day head over to

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Not Just Your Grandmas Crochet

                                       Not Just Your Grandmas Crochet

By: Victoria Patterson

Crochet? Isn’t that stuff your gran has on her couch?  Well yes, yes it usually is.  However, it’s coming back! Hurray your nan says, and hurray for us! It’s the new but old fashion trend that’s “Not just your Grandmas Crochet”. .. And we love it!

crochet 1

This trend is bursting with rainbows, funky patterns, and a new wave of cool that’s certainly taking us by storm. The beauty of this trend is you can be as toned down or turned up as you please.  It’s easy to pair a cute muted tone skirt with your everyday wears, or be as fun and free as your heart desires, and go for an all over colour piece! From extravagant dresses, to cute granny square bell bottoms, it’s a fun new way to brighten that wardrobe, and give an extra wow factor at some of this summer’s fun festivities.

Some designers taking the Crochet plunge have been; DEGEN, with her adorable rainbows and stunning my little pony inspiration. To the likes of Miu Miu, Chloe and House of Holland.  Who are just making us fantasise about Woodstock, dancing barefoot in meadows and all that peace, love and rock n roll.


crochet 2


Image: DENGEN; House of Holland; Chloe

Plus, it can be worn well past this summer’s heat wave! I like to wear my uniquely magical Crochets in that funny period; I like to call, “Sprinter” and “Autummer.” For those in-between season days when you look outside and think “Is it too cold for this? I don’t want to freeze.” Then you end up carrying piles of clothes out on your adventures, and who wants that? Opt for this weather-friendly trend and let yourself be free, and happy whatever the weather, and say goodbye to layering tons of clothes! Breezy and fun and the way to go.

Although this can be a tricky trend to master! Be yourself, and add your own modern twist to this hippy-tastic 70’s trend.  Pair a Crochet dress with ankle boots, or throw on that old biker jacket! Be whoever you want to be, but be clever however, and not end up a walking doily (that is always a slight possibility).  If you’re nervous about storming out head to toe, opt for subtle accessories or trims, whatever you do have fun with it and do your grandma proud!

crochet 3


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Festival Fancy Dress

Festival season is fast approaching and with it comes the chance to dress up in all sorts of crazy outfits. Festival fancy dress is a great way to stand out from the crowd, cause lots of laughs and smiles from those that see you wandering around the site and lets face it, it’s just plain fun! Many festivals, such as Bestival, have specific fancy dress themes or a fancy dress day planned in advance, but even at those that don’t there are always some amazing costumes to be seen in the crowd. In celebration of ‘Bestival Presents: The Art of Dressing up’ we have selected a few of our favourite fancy dress outfits seen at previous festivals.




Festival goers in 'Summer of Love' fancy dress on day 3 of Bestival 2015 held at Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight



Festival goers in Desert Island Disco themed fancy dress on day 3 of Bestival 2014, Robin Hill Country Park - Isle of Wight


Coming up with new, fun, interesting fancy dress ideas for you and your friends can actually be surprisingly difficult. If you need a bit of inspiration check out Bestival Presents: The Art of Dressing Up HERE


Here at Festival Fashion we love nothing more than a dress up! During our most recent photoshoot there were Unicorns, animals and lots of Sparkles!


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